Advice 1: Like men, they like to be called

Affectionate nickname or derived from the name of - every man his pleasure. Some want women to call them "favorite", others do not perceive anything other than his own name.
Like men, they like to be called

Nicknames - what is excluded

There are some General rules that work almost every man. The first - call partner "zaey". It's so hackneyed nickname that he calls the store her "know" you will be forced to turn around ninety-nine men out of a hundred. But your one and only. Therefore, the popular nickname for him.

The second rule - do not use when people are intimate, the man's name. Then, as you call him in bed, must remain between you. Because can be very confusing favorite and undermine its credibility among friends or subordinates, publicly calling it "bumpy" or "curly". The third rule - most men don't like it when deb calls them by name. They prefer the original name or an affectionate nickname.
Very popular now a nickname derived from the English words - "darling" (darling), "strong" (strong), "smile" (smile), etc.

How to call a loved one - a choice with her husband

The easiest way to find out what name or nickname like partner asked him about it. Usually men do not hide their desires. He may ask you to identify yourself by name, with a diminutive suffix (Andryushenka, Sergei, Alexis, etc.), or say that he prefers a simple reduction (Yura, Sasha, Misha, etc.).

Men with imagination can find the original alias. For example, some ask that their favorite was called "diamond", "Apollo", "Batman", etc., then there are various nicknames that would highlight their superior quality. Like other adjectives - "beloved", "dear", "the best", "wonderful", etc. They Express the attitude of women to partner and to significantly raise his self-esteem.
In the mouth of the beloved woman, even the most ridiculous nickname sounds sweet. But if a man is not sure of his feelings, it'll be unpleasant for him.

The nickname for the beloved is not constant, and the variable

Even the most affectionate or laudatory nickname can bore both men and women. Therefore, there is nothing wrong if from time to time affectionate names will change. This usually happens by itself. After amusing the incident to the man often sticks another nickname. The only thing that it is not necessary to distort is the real name. Men are very used to how his wife cut it. And if the choice was to say instead of "Andrew" - "Andrew", it will come across to the idea that something went wrong. The partner will seek the cause within himself, to think, what did he do wrong etc. This will lead to a showdown, out of nowhere, maybe even a scandal.

Advice 2 : What to call the man she loved

Every ladies have their own affectionate nickname for a loved one. The most common are: "Bunny", "kitten", "baby", "sweetie". A kind word is not only a nice cat, but even the brutal creation. But, not all the men on earth are called "kittens" or "bunnies", because not everyone is like that.
What to call the man she loved
To distract the man she loved during the important to him of a football match, will have to sweat. However, it is possible, if we ignore the standard and procedure of bored treatment "baby" and call him some unexpected adjectives: intimate, brilliant, fiery, burning and so on. And if you compare your slender, handsome guy with Apollo or strong and hardy with Hercules, then your spouse will certainly turn their attention from the TV to you. And of course, appreciate your appeal.
Sometimes even the most sturdy, strong and independent men want female affection. They are unlikely to talk about it, but can't hide it. Try to give your loved one a diminutive nickname of the "flower", "Mashiko", "Tigger" and the like. Then you can string up gyrus and come up with something unexpected. Your giant will endure such treatment, although in the hearts of may mutiny. Then you just need to calmly and clearly explain your thinking.
But if with strong and muscular men, all clear, with the "Botanical" branch male more difficult. Here with diminutive words to the man should not be approached – the offense can be hard. And all because the people of intellectual labor, often self-esteem is not as high as in muscular eagles. It is therefore, most pleasant men, as a rule, to hear in your address words like "lion", "my hero", "hero" and the like in the same vein.
Also consider in what situations one would use a certain word. For example, the usual "sun" can be barely audible whisper in the ear of the man she loves, slightly breathy. This turn of events can turn a man's head. As claimed by the men themselves, they prefer to be "loved" or "cute," while on an official meeting or with friends. But the man privately usually agree on almost everything, allowing you to call yourself a "hedge kid" or even something more extravagant and exotic.
How to name my favourite guy? Sometimes you have to think of what can be called a big boy, because I want to call him gently and kindly, and so he was pleased. In fact, do not be like the heroes of the American melodrama, which to each other are not treated differently, as "dear, expensive", as if the words of others do not know.
Useful advice
Women often hear nice words from your favorite men, but girls should know that guys love gentle speech. If a big boy affectionately call, you will give him the best impression. For example, if your choice is strong and high, but this appearance hid a gentle soul, such a guy will particularly need affection. So you can call your favorite guy "baby", "Bunny", "pumpkin", and he will be pleased.

Advice 3 : Affectionately called beloved guy

Even the most serious business and the man can smile from affectionate nicknames. Many girls like to call a loved one with gentle words, showing his concern.
Affectionately called beloved guy
The most common and popular affectionate names like "darling", "sweetheart", "kitten", "baby" and others. If you seek originality and don't want to invent new words, you can use these options. There are many standard words that lovers call each other so that you may find suitable for your situation.

You can use not only nouns. Use the adjectives. For example, what favorite cute, expensive, favorite, only, etc. Such generic nicknames, you can call the man or even humans, because they don't sound too intimate. In this case, your beloved will still feel special.

Invent a nickname for yourself

Think of derived from the of name of his beloved. You can use a diminutive name variants (for example, Alexis, Sasha, Vitenka). If your men interesting surname, take the opportunity to create a new nickname.

If the name of your guy is no affectionate associations, try to compare it with animals. Think on what animal he looks like? Men love when being compared to the mighty and interesting animals. And especially well be the nickname that reflects his character. Of course you need to highlight only the good features, not to emphasize its fullness, for example, the nickname "hog". Although some guys treat it with humor.

Remember what his zodiac sign and use it in your meditations. You can come up with good names, such as "my lion", "skorpionchik" or "my fish". Not too original, but emphasizes its personality.

Nicknames should not be used

Use positive images. Zodiac sign "Virgo" don't need to beat in the form of nicknames, because no guy would want to be called "virgin." So always think, how he would react to that or another nickname.

Choose words that will appeal to the man. If it is against any nicknames, do not call him that, and come up with something else. The main thing that it was like your lover.

Do not use nicknames too intimate in public, especially among his friends. A man can be fine, when in private you call him "Bunny", but among his friends he wants to keep authority and respect, such words can lead to ridicule and banter. It is not necessary to spoil the life of his beloved one no time for the spoken word.
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