Nicknames - what is excluded

There are some General rules that work almost every man. The first - call partner "zaey". It's so hackneyed nickname that he calls the store her "know" you will be forced to turn around ninety-nine men out of a hundred. But your one and only. Therefore, the popular nickname for him.

The second rule - do not use when people are intimate, the man's name. Then, as you call him in bed, must remain between you. Because can be very confusing favorite and undermine its credibility among friends or subordinates, publicly calling it "bumpy" or "curly". The third rule - most men don't like it when deb calls them by name. They prefer the original name or an affectionate nickname.
Very popular now a nickname derived from the English words - "darling" (darling), "strong" (strong), "smile" (smile), etc.

How to call a loved one - a choice with her husband

The easiest way to find out what name or nickname like partner asked him about it. Usually men do not hide their desires. He may ask you to identify yourself by name, with a diminutive suffix (Andryushenka, Sergei, Alexis, etc.), or say that he prefers a simple reduction (Yura, Sasha, Misha, etc.).

Men with imagination can find the original alias. For example, some ask that their favorite was called "diamond", "Apollo", "Batman", etc., then there are various nicknames that would highlight their superior quality. Like other adjectives - "beloved", "dear", "the best", "wonderful", etc. They Express the attitude of women to partner and to significantly raise his self-esteem.
In the mouth of the beloved woman, even the most ridiculous nickname sounds sweet. But if a man is not sure of his feelings, it'll be unpleasant for him.

The nickname for the beloved is not constant, and the variable

Even the most affectionate or laudatory nickname can bore both men and women. Therefore, there is nothing wrong if from time to time affectionate names will change. This usually happens by itself. After amusing the incident to the man often sticks another nickname. The only thing that it is not necessary to distort is the real name. Men are very used to how his wife cut it. And if the choice was to say instead of "Andrew" - "Andrew", it will come across to the idea that something went wrong. The partner will seek the cause within himself, to think, what did he do wrong etc. This will lead to a showdown, out of nowhere, maybe even a scandal.