The most common and popular affectionate names like "darling", "sweetheart", "kitten", "baby" and others. If you seek originality and don't want to invent new words, you can use these options. There are many standard words that lovers call each other so that you may find suitable for your situation.

You can use not only nouns. Use the adjectives. For example, what favorite cute, expensive, favorite, only, etc. Such generic nicknames, you can call the man or even humans, because they don't sound too intimate. In this case, your beloved will still feel special.

Invent a nickname for yourself

Think of derived from the of name of his beloved. You can use a diminutive name variants (for example, Alexis, Sasha, Vitenka). If your men interesting surname, take the opportunity to create a new nickname.

If the name of your guy is no affectionate associations, try to compare it with animals. Think on what animal he looks like? Men love when being compared to the mighty and interesting animals. And especially well be the nickname that reflects his character. Of course you need to highlight only the good features, not to emphasize its fullness, for example, the nickname "hog". Although some guys treat it with humor.

Remember what his zodiac sign and use it in your meditations. You can come up with good names, such as "my lion", "skorpionchik" or "my fish". Not too original, but emphasizes its personality.

Nicknames should not be used

Use positive images. Zodiac sign "Virgo" don't need to beat in the form of nicknames, because no guy would want to be called "virgin." So always think, how he would react to that or another nickname.

Choose words that will appeal to the man. If it is against any nicknames, do not call him that, and come up with something else. The main thing that it was like your lover.

Do not use nicknames too intimate in public, especially among his friends. A man can be fine, when in private you call him "Bunny", but among his friends he wants to keep authority and respect, such words can lead to ridicule and banter. It is not necessary to spoil the life of his beloved one no time for the spoken word.