Any person, regardless of age, at least once a day is a mug. So if a girl wants to tell her beloved about his feelings, the gift of dishes with a commemorative inscription – a win-win. Because a Cup guy is going to use and then daily to think about your girlfriend and remember the happy moments spent with her. In General, the group is very useful and original gift.
Those girls who have chosen as a gift to his beloved coffee mug that says, have a little try to make the message memorable and accentuate the best features of the guy. The most common is the gift with the name, for example, "Bad guy Pete is not called". This circle, of course, like the young man, but to claim originality with the inscription did not succeed.
Inscription for a loved one is better to choose a more touching and romantic, especially if the gift will be presented on the day of birth or on February 14. Can be applied to the mug photo of the guy and make the caption: "You're the best" or "I Love you", "My kitten." The options are many, the main thing when you order a gift think about whether the inscription to the recipient. Below the circle was not easy "dead weight" on a shelf, and admired the guy for a long time.
The gift can reflect and occupation its recipient. For example, for a guy programmer you can make the picture, where he works at the computer and signed: "Best in the business". For the motorist will be relevant inscription: "God of roads" or "Best rider". If the present will be presented on February 23, to decorate a mug with the words: "My protector!", "Stronger than all" or "nothing terrible" will be very important. In General, such a gift can be presented at any celebration. You only need to choose the right slogan that will be placed on the mug.
In conclusion, a few words should be said about where to order a mug. This work is done by most photo studios and Internet sites. The production time of 1-3 days. It all depends on the wishes of the customer and the amount of work from the master. If a girl wants to give the boy a mug and carry the inscription of an intimate nature, which she hesitates to order, the gift can be made independently. In stores for children's art sale sets, which include mugs and pens for labeling. So what original gift can be made by your hands, is only a little harder.