Advice 1: How to caption a photo

Placing photos on the Internet, such as social network "In contact", a long pondering about how to sign your pictures. In fact, there is a simple algorithm to generate the necessary signatures online.
Select the option signature pictures
You will need
  • A Word processing document or a piece of paper with a pen, the Internet, online communication (ICQ, Skype, etc.).
You need to understand why signed photo. You have the following options:
Goal 1: to promote the date and location of event
Цель2: giving artistic expression to a snapshot
Цель3: to amuse the people looking at the photo
Цель4 to tell about the place/item/person in the picture and its features,
Цель5: show your or someone else's brand image, purchase and more.
Open Word or take a piece of paper with a pen and on the basis of the purpose of the signature to a photo, come up with five options. For example,
*Goal 1, photo evening on Tverskaya street in the spring.
1. Evening Moscow in the spring of 2011;
2. Spring in Moscow, 2011;
3. Moscow, spring 2011;
4. Spring 2011, Moscow;
5. In Moscow in the spring of 2011.*Цель2, picture of a person meditating on the ocean.
1. The spiritual and material worlds unite in infinity;
2. The understanding of infinity;
3. The harmony of the worlds;
4. A whiff of eternity;
5. Harmonization of energies and elements.*Цель3, picture of dogs and cats with cigarettes and beer
1. You'll be third?;
2. What? Jealous?;
3. And we are here ..drink..NK);
4. Lived with someone...drink..;
5. Send the mouse back for more - the whole evening one bottle to drink.*Цель4,photograph of two girls in Oriental costumes on stage.
1. Katya at the international Oriental dance contest, took first place;
2. In the fight for first place, international competition of Oriental dance;
3. International contest of Oriental dance, this room brought us first place;
4. Dance of the winners of the international competition of Oriental dance;
5. That's how we earned the victory, the international competition of Oriental dance.Цель5, picture of a man with a car
1. And this is my new swallow;
2. This car suits me more?;
3. Now cut on this car;
4. How we fit together
5. Progoneate - ride in his new car
Go to any online communication (perhaps several) and send a photo with options signatures friends asking them to vote for the best of them. To summarize the results of the voting to choose the option and sign the photo.

Advice 2 : How to sign photos

Photography is not only a pleasant memory, but can serve as a sign of respect for friends or relatives. If the gift you selected a beautiful photo it would be nice to do it the appropriate label. In the future, the card will represent you and carry the warmth of the meeting and relationships. How to sign a photo for memory?
How to sign photos
If you sign the gift of a real photo, not virtual, this is best done by hand in their handwriting. Card will original, unique, and you show an individual approach to the person. Now this is especially appreciated, because a real picture is the warmth of your personality. You can write on the card the time and place, the names of the depicted people, the event name or event description. When giving the child, indicate how much he months, his height and weight.
Choose the right meaning of a poem or anecdote in the subject of photography. Mood you can write a quote by a famous person, some wise saying. Maybe the subject of a whole story, write it.
Get creative, use unconventional methods. For example, cut out capital letters from the newspaper, make a dedication and stick on the back of the photo. You can also put a personal seal or paint the figure, symbolizing you.
Sometimes the photo give the album to the owner himself filled the remaining blank pages. As a rule, make such a gift very close to people. In this case, perhaps a lot of options to show their creativity. To photograph on the sidelines of the album can be chosen themed items, things from the past. For example, photos of the child can be applied first fallen milk tooth or a button from your favorite trousers. Make the inscription in a special window fields, based on the meaning of images and objects. This style of album is called scrapbooking.
If you sign, virtual picture, use for processing images special computer programs – Adobe Photoshop, Fotoimpact or what is on any PC – Paint. The principle of adding labels is almost the same everywhere. You need to run the program and open your photo. Next, click the text tool, select the color and font of the label. Position the cursor in the desired location, describe the idea. And don't forget to save what you have done by clicking on the appropriate button. As a rule, technical inscription placed at the bottom right. Poems can be based on photo composition.
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