You will need
  • A Word processing document or a piece of paper with a pen, the Internet, online communication (ICQ, Skype, etc.).
You need to understand why signed photo. You have the following options:
Goal 1: to promote the date and location of event
Цель2: giving artistic expression to a snapshot
Цель3: to amuse the people looking at the photo
Цель4 to tell about the place/item/person in the picture and its features,
Цель5: show your or someone else's brand image, purchase and more.
Open Word or take a piece of paper with a pen and on the basis of the purpose of the signature to a photo, come up with five options. For example,
*Goal 1, photo evening on Tverskaya street in the spring.
1. Evening Moscow in the spring of 2011;
2. Spring in Moscow, 2011;
3. Moscow, spring 2011;
4. Spring 2011, Moscow;
5. In Moscow in the spring of 2011.*Цель2, picture of a person meditating on the ocean.
1. The spiritual and material worlds unite in infinity;
2. The understanding of infinity;
3. The harmony of the worlds;
4. A whiff of eternity;
5. Harmonization of energies and elements.*Цель3, picture of dogs and cats with cigarettes and beer
1. You'll be third?;
2. What? Jealous?;
3. And we are here ..drink..NK);
4. Lived with someone...drink..;
5. Send the mouse back for more - the whole evening one bottle to drink.*Цель4,photograph of two girls in Oriental costumes on stage.
1. Katya at the international Oriental dance contest, took first place;
2. In the fight for first place, international competition of Oriental dance;
3. International contest of Oriental dance, this room brought us first place;
4. Dance of the winners of the international competition of Oriental dance;
5. That's how we earned the victory, the international competition of Oriental dance.Цель5, picture of a man with a car
1. And this is my new swallow;
2. This car suits me more?;
3. Now cut on this car;
4. How we fit together
5. Progoneate - ride in his new car
Go to any online communication (perhaps several) and send a photo with options signatures friends asking them to vote for the best of them. To summarize the results of the voting to choose the option and sign the photo.