To copy signatures will need: a sheet of paper, where you want to place a copy of the signature and fountain pen – for a simple way to copy; computer, scanner, printer, paper and pen – for more complex ways.Scan the signature specimen, place the sample in the computer and print the sheet with the signature on blank paper or letterhead. When you print on the printer, use the smallest color saturation, preferably blue or purple, so the signature was barely legible on the background paper. Printing a form with signature, carefully trace them with a pen.
If you use a more simple way, put original signature on a blank sheet and using a fountain pen with a rod without ink, trace over the original signature, slightly pressing the writing, then print the signature circle pen.
The same method of complexity: in the daylight to fix the document with the original signature on the glass window to put on top of a clean sheet and play pen translucent signature. For convenience and accuracy labels on the glass to play her with the rod pen without ink, and then on a more comfortable surface to circle the print with a pen with the paste. If there is a glass table, underneath the disposable light source, put on the table the document with the original signature and perform the same operations as on the glass of the window.
The simple mechanism and the complex as a backup method (for those of us with high artistic potential) – to sign off on the model.