Don't be afraid to seem boring. If you are not sure that can interest the human the person, chance to do you will be much less. The freer you will feel during the communication, the better a young person will be with you to spend time.
Do not reply to standard questions with standard answers. Such a tone makes the conversation boring and uninteresting. Of course, much depends on your interlocutor. If he's going to ask you about family, education and Hobbies, do not rush to transfer all your personal data. Depart from the accepted framework, try to make your answer interesting. Instead of listing Hobbies, tell some interesting story that happened during the activity. So you can answer the question and not exactly seem boring his friend.
More joking and laugh. A smile creates a relaxed and easy atmosphere, where you will find it much easier to relax and show their best side. If in your conversation there was a pause, and you don't know what to say, just a joke. It would defuse tension, and you will be able to continue the pleasant conversation.
Flirt with a young man. If you're afraid to say superfluous word, the guy may think you are overly shy, but if you will let him understand that you care for him, it is boring it you just could not name. However, don't overdo, otherwise your interlocutor might think that you are too persistent, and he doesn't like.
Be yourself. It is not necessary to transcend themselves and try to seem funny and interesting. If it's not you, then why do I need to use all of these masks? The person who really wants to be with you, will never find you boring or uninteresting.