To distract the man she loved during the important to him of a football match, will have to sweat. However, it is possible, if we ignore the standard and procedure of bored treatment "baby" and call him some unexpected adjectives: intimate, brilliant, fiery, burning and so on. And if you compare your slender, handsome guy with Apollo or strong and hardy with Hercules, then your spouse will certainly turn their attention from the TV to you. And of course, appreciate your appeal.
Sometimes even the most sturdy, strong and independent men want female affection. They are unlikely to talk about it, but can't hide it. Try to give your loved one a diminutive nickname of the "flower", "Mashiko", "Tigger" and the like. Then you can string up gyrus and come up with something unexpected. Your giant will endure such treatment, although in the hearts of may mutiny. Then you just need to calmly and clearly explain your thinking.
But if with strong and muscular men, all clear, with the "Botanical" branch male more difficult. Here with diminutive words to the man should not be approached – the offense can be hard. And all because the people of intellectual labor, often self-esteem is not as high as in muscular eagles. It is therefore, most pleasant men, as a rule, to hear in your address words like "lion", "my hero", "hero" and the like in the same vein.
Also consider in what situations one would use a certain word. For example, the usual "sun" can be barely audible whisper in the ear of the man she loves, slightly breathy. This turn of events can turn a man's head. As claimed by the men themselves, they prefer to be "loved" or "cute," while on an official meeting or with friends. But the man privately usually agree on almost everything, allowing you to call yourself a "hedge kid" or even something more extravagant and exotic.