Determine in advance your communication. Are you interested in easy and effortless flirting, or thinking about sex without commitment with this young man? Then there is no need to wait for its initiative. It is better to write it yourself. To attract attention, the message must not be banal and boring – he would not want to answer. Think about the continuation of the dialogue will make intriguing and encouraging interest in the message. If you want to impress a serious girl not ready for open relationship and looking for true feelings, be the first to write in any case not worth it. Provoke a man to write to you on their own.
Make sure that guy knows your contact details. Maybe he has long and unsuccessfully trying to find a way to contact you, and you puzzled over why he hasn't written or called. If your encounter took place recently, then they will offer to exchange phone numbers and the addresses of pages on the Internet. There is nothing wrong – just make it unobtrusive, if you need this exchange of "just in case". Men, too, are shy, and that "cover" the true purpose will help them overcome the fear of the first step towards you.

You know for a long time, he knows how and where to find you, but not writes? In this situation, only two possible options: the first – he's not interested in communicating with you and there is nothing you can do, if he avoids it in every way possible. Love can not be. Second - he lost your contacts. Broke the phone, the computer is infected by a virus or lost password from your account in the social network - doesn't matter. Try to find out from mutual friends. If so, you have a wonderful reason to remind myself.
Be on his mind. Try to run into him as often as possible, but don't overdo it. Let it happens quite by accident, by coincidence. You passed by or rested in a cafe near his place of work or study, unexpectedly fell in love with the club where he spends all weekend. Then he will have reason to write to a beautiful girl it so often, fate brings.
Constantly communicate with him, but he doesn't? Then flirt. Without pressure and excessive frivolity, easy, witty and to the point. Don't push and force to communicate. Be always cheerful, joking to the place and talk about the similarity of your views on life – so you will force him not only to write but to look at you with loving eyes.