Sometimes even spouses can feel free to talk with each other about such things as odors and taste sensations during sex. Intimate relations include, smells and tastes of sweat, skin, and genital partners.

Sometimes some petting – this applies mainly to oral – can cause confusion. Some people stubbornly refuse to deliver pleasure to the partner in this way, without explaining why. Most often, the answer is simple: oral sex the importance placed on the senses of taste and smell.

Hormones, pheromones

At the time of physical activity or excitement in any person begins the release of pheromones. These substances are found in small quantities in saliva and sweat, a bit more of their content in vaginal secretions and semen.

For the attractiveness of a person sexually, the answer is pheromones. The higher their content, the more attractive partner.

Each human smell is unique. Accordingly, the taste of semen each of your men. Is responsible for this protein supports the immune system, which protects the sperm and provides disinfection. Taste and smell can be more intense if the main occupation of the men is physical labor, and when active sex life is somewhat weaker. Young men have it a little sharper, Mature a little more pronounced.

To a large extent the taste and smell of semen depends on the food men and way of life.

How food can affect the taste of semen

The usual taste of cum – distinct chloride. Diet can affect it, but not immediately, but after a day or two. Fruits and vegetables can improve the taste of cum – especially good for pineapples. Alcoholic drinks and meat, by contrast, does not very well respond to her touch.

Medication may be the reason that the taste of semen becomes bitter. If it becomes sour, and the bitterness manifested without medication, there is a noticeable fishy taste and smell, it can be a signal for treatment to a doctor because these symptoms can be signs of disease.

Observing a special diet, you can make it so that the sperm has reached the desired taste. Spicy and fried foods will add bitterness, sweet juices – sweet. Oranges, garlic will make the semen more pungent, but garlic will also increase its viscosity and quantity. Apples make the taste less noticeable, dairy products – are very specific and not all pleasant.

The taste of semen can be influenced by how long her body had developed. After spending some time in the testes, it begins to taste bitter.