If you suspect infertility in men the doctor first will recommend a semen analysis – the semen analysis, which allows to reveal the causes of the problem. Semen analysis determines the mobility and number of sperm in the ejaculate, and the presence of infections and diseases, which can also be the cause of reproductive dysfunction in men.


In order to take a test, the man within 3-4 days it is necessary to observe some rules. Should refuse drugs and alcohol in this period. Beer should not be consumed, even if it is replaced by water. And must exclude these days sex. Then the results of the analysis will be more objective. In the case of pathological changes in the seed, it is recommended to repeat the semen analysis to a more detailed consideration of the situation.
Two or three times every few weeks.

How to take

Options for obtaining semen for analysis, there are several. But the best for the objectivity of the semen is by Masturbation. Despite the fact that men are this way like the least, it is highly recommended by doctors, as the sperm from the condom reacts with its components, may give a distorted result of the analysis. Also, the method interrupted sexual intercourse is not the best. In this case the seed into the cells of the partner, which also reduces the accuracy of the indicators.

It should be noted that from the time of ejaculation to analysis, it should take no more than an hour. The optimum temperature, ensure the life of sperm is 20-36 degrees. Otherwise, they die very quickly. Therefore, it is recommended to hand over spermogrammu in the room in which the laboratory is. In this case, you will not need to worry about transportation.
It is very important to ejaculate in full was in a Petri dish, because the loss of even a small part of it can lead to a distorted result of the study.
Especially undesirable loss of the first portion.

Men's fears

Despite the fact that this procedure is absolutely painless, many men have doubts and fear before semen collection. The idea that someone sees and learns, or the fact that the door will stand in place, can prevent a trip to the clinic. But we should remember that problems conceiving can be associated with a woman and a man. So do not postpone visit to the doctor, and immediately take up the case. The time that was spent on unfounded fears, could be used with advantage.