Drugs and supplements

Contrary to popular belief, the drugs that recently appeared on the shelves of sex shops and even some pharmacies are ineffective and do not cause the increase in sperm. There are no additives that could increase the amount of semen. If you think that the number produced by your seminal fluid is small, it should be referred to a specialist for consultation and appropriate examination to determine the presence of diseases that prevent the production of ejaculate.


The amount allocated after intercourse, sperm can increase during long periods of abstinence. Frequent sex reduce the quantity of seminal fluid. With abstinence there is an accumulation of the ejaculate, which comes out successfully after a long absence of sex.

The rejection of bad habits

Also the amount of semen can vary depending on age. Found that more sperm is produced in the age from 30 to 35 years. 55 the total amount of produced ejaculate is significantly reduced.
Alcohol can also affect the body's ability to create enough sperm. Alcoholic beverages have a serious impact on the liver, which under their influence begins to secrete estrogen. The overabundance of the female hormone can cause a decrease in the number and quality of sperm, and then infertility. It is worth noting that Smoking also reduces the amount of available sperm and increases the risk of oligospermia, i.e. insufficient number of viable germ cells in the seminal fluid, which in turn affects the ability to fertilize.

Nutrition and lifestyle

A sufficient amount of physical activity and sport contribute to the production of testosterone, which in turn can influence the amount of produced semen. However, you should avoid overtraining and excessive fatigue, which can reduce the amount of ejaculate.

Eating healthy food also positively influences the number of sperm. A high protein diet has a positive impact on male sexual function. Should avoid eating soy products and too many sweets containing fructose and corn syrup. For people who are obese, it is advisable to control your weight because excess fat can also affect reproductive function. You should also consume a larger amount of liquid.