If the sperm is a little abnormal, for example, a change in viscosity or pH, high content of rounded cells, neratidine ejaculate, then conduct additional testing on hormones and the presence of inflammation. But don't worry, basically all right, and healthy fast you get pregnant. Poor sperm count can be caused by insufficient amount of ejaculate (less than 2 ml). The most probable reason for this - the scars in the testes due to old inflammation or injury, try to take the test again to verify you have the problem. To increase, most likely, will not succeed, think about the insemination or IVF.A small concentration of sperm (less than 20 million in 1 ml) can also be caused by scarring in the testes (which is almost not treated) or hormonal insufficiency. In the second case, try to normalize hormonal balance in the body.Sedentary sperm (A