Version of the erotic

It would seem that the secret of attractiveness of long female legs for men razvalivaetsya just. In the mass consciousness firmly rooted in the idea that long legs – an indispensable attribute of female beauty and a symbol of sexuality. Online flash pictures of the breathtakingly beautiful and, as the selection, leggy! Beauty pageants just don't find girls or something that short, and with average feet.

Probably why men who love with their eyes at the sight of long female legs involuntarily instantly draw sex scenes with their owners in your imagination. However, scientists have put forward other versions of the phenomenon of appeal of long legs.

Version of the psychological

Psychologists say that there is a relationship between the length of the legs and psychological characteristics of women. Leggy women are more likely to have the romantic and dreamy character, than women with short legs. But the second more confident standing on the ground, though in the literal and figurative sense. If dlinnonogih often unable to solve everyday problems, more practical ladies with short legs cope with them much easier.

It is possible to assume that men understand intuitively that it is easier to make acquaintance, and just to flirt with the leggy beauty that nature has predisposed to romantic relationships than sensible beautiful korotkonozhka.

The version of "primitive"

There is another interesting hypothesis. In primitive times probably more valued long-legged ladies, as they had a better chance to survive – long legs to run quickly from predators, natural disasters, and to save the offspring.

Maybe this genetic memory left among modern men, who instinctively appreciate the look of women's legs almost in the first place.

The version of anthropological

The studies of Polish scientists have found out an amazing fact. It turns out that long-legged people more attractive to the opposite sex. So not only men look for long-legged women. Ladies are also more interested in men with long legs.

Several hundred men and women participated in a scientific experiment. It was made by computer processing of the photographs of seven men and seven women of the same height. Has changed graphically, the length of the legs and asked to rate the attractiveness of the same people. Revealed: the most physically attractive people are those whose legs are longer than the average length by five percent. It has long been known that tall people are in principle considered to be more attractive to members of the opposite sex. Now well established, precisely how leg length affects the physical attractiveness of a person.

Version of the evolutionary-medical

Scientists have confirmed that when a man prefers long-legged lady, it triggers an evolutionary instinct. Years of research have established that long legs is an indicator of better health, though it is in women. In particular, it was found that short-legged women are more prone to heart diseases, blood vessels, obesity and diabetes.

It turns out that the legs do girls stop growing upon reaching sexual maturity, in contrast to boys, whose legs grow longer. The researchers concluded: long female feet are an indicator of good nutrition in childhood and adolescence.

It turns out that the presence of long legs is a Testament to the positive conditions in the period of physical maturation and female fertility. And men subconsciously react to the increased fertility of women, so they are like a magnet, pulls to long female legs.