When you change the color of semen is not a problem

When the hue of the semen was unusual, it does not mean that man developed any disease. This may be even change in lifestyle or diet. For example, if the sperm has acquired a noticeable yellowish tint, this may be due to taking antibiotics or vitamin complexes.

Much will depend on the peculiarities of sexual life men. After a long abstinence, the sperm normally acquires an intense hue. If a man frequently has sex, she, on the contrary, becomes almost transparent, and her milk white comes to naught. This is due to changes in the number of sperm in the seminal fluid.

If a man often uses products with a high content of dyes, both natural and artificial, his sperm can be painted almost any color. In particular, the need to monitor how often you eat currants, beets, coffee, powder and wine juice. If such food and beverages is a significant part of your diet, most likely, change the hue of the sperm is connected with your menu.

Change the color of semen as a sign of the disease

Unfortunately, the reasons for the change of tone of the seminal fluid is not always harmless. So, if the semen has become yellow, it may indicate that it is mixed with urine and the occurrence of problems in functioning of the urinary system.

Dirty yellow and greenish color of semen is a cause for concern about your health, because it can be a symptom of the development of inflammatory or sexually transmitted diseases or the development of infectious process. If not cured in time, the disease can not only cause a lot of trouble, but go later from acute to chronic. However, if a man noticed the unnatural color of sperm, in time to see a doctor, it help to solve the problem with a relatively small investment of time and effort.

Pinkish hue of sperm can occur when trauma to male genital organs, which can even be the consequence of inappropriate sexual experimentation. The question in this case is about the mixing of blood to seminal fluid. If you noticed that sperm has become brownish or brown, contact your doctor immediately. It can be a symptom of cancer of the prostate or inflammation in the testicles or seminal ducts.