Advice 1: Why sperm may have an unpleasant smell

Itself smell of men's sperm, like other human odors, is individual and depends on different factors. For example, one man from birth is given a definite smell of ejaculate, others it depends on personal intimate hygiene, the third – from the foods they eat. However, none of the men are not immune from bad seed.
Sometimes the smell of men's sperm may affect the relationship
Most people have a perception of certain odors are completely different. That is why many independently choose for themselves, for example, perfume. What pleases one may not please another. In other words, each person is different.

Individual and smell of any person. In particular, the smell of male sperm. Experts generally believe that he has a whole range of "shades", which are not very pleasant.
It is believed that the smell of male sperm depends on the race of a person. For example, the Eastern men "smell" more sharply than European. There is a perception that that is why Oriental men more excitable than the West.
Not only that, the smell of ejaculate is rejection, so it also spoils intimacy. As a result, sexual life men faced a serious problem which often can affect his relationship with women.

Why semen smells bad

First of all, it can be the consequence of a stressful situation. Some men quite quite a bit nervous, as their sperm becomes quite sharp and even the acrid smell. After several sexual acts on each other, the smell of sperm becomes bland, which is not very pleasant.

In some cases, the sperm from the male has an unpleasant smell when urogenital infections (Trichomonas, Candida, Ureaplasma) and other diseases. Doctors say that similar problems arise in the abuse of Smoking, alcohol, certain foods (e.g., spices, garlic).

Abnormal smell of sperm can occur because of incorrect nutrition and use of certain drugs.

How to avoid bad smell of sperm?

If some of the men are seriously concerned about this problem, the search of its causes you need to start first with yourself. In other words, you need to pay attention to your intimate hygiene and, if necessary, take care of themselves more carefully.
"Healthy" semen smells like the smell of raw chicken protein. It is believed that the sweet juices give the male sperm a sweet aroma and taste.

If personal hygiene does not help, you need to make an appointment to see a urologist. It must be done as quickly as possible. It will examine the penis and will write out a direction on analyses on the subject of urogenital infections. You will also need to pass urinalysis, as well as the sowing of ejaculate and urine tests on flora and perception of antibiotics.

The only way with reliable accuracy to find out the cause of the odor of semen. If it's a pathology, then a urologist will be assigned the appropriate treatment. By the way, do not forget about possible addictions to alcohol and tobacco, and on the wrong diet (if it is the place to be) and stressful situations. Perhaps therein lies the root of all evil.

Advice 2: How to make an appointment to see a urologist

Illnesses that require the help of a doctor-urologist, in our time, suffer many. The reasons for this phenomenon there are many: poor environment, poor diet, constant stress, alcohol and nicotine etc.
How to make an appointment to see a urologist
When choosing a specialist, keep in mind that there are urologists different areas:

1. Professionals working with only male diseases (urology – andrology). They are engaged in the treatment of diseases such as: prostatitis, urethritis, fibrosis, impotence, etc.;
2. Doctors specializing in women's diseases (urethral diverticula, cysts, papillomas, etc.);
3. Urologists generalist, treating "asexual" diseases (pyelonephritis, urolithiasis, cystitis, urinary incontinence).

In addition, there are the following specializations in urology, as urologist-oncologist, Urogynecology, physiolog.
Sign up on reception to the urologist the desired direction by contacting a local hospital to the front Desk and ask to put you on a certain day and hour. From the documents you will need: passport, medical insurance policy and the insurance pension certificate.
Call the clinic on the phone, especially if it is a private clinic. Don't forget to learn when you need to come to the reception. Consult the cost of visiting the doctor.
Make an appointment with the urologist on the Internet if you live close to the clinic site which is hosted on its pages. Carefully read the list of services, information about the doctors and the price of admission.
Use the advice of a urologist at online online. This method still cannot replace a medical examination. The doctor will be able to more closely coordinate any follow up actions regarding the treatment.
You should first consult your GP and ask for a referral to a urologist. Maybe a therapist first yourself produce any diagnostic studies to identify whether you need consultation with a urologist in fact, or your problem is within the competence of another doctor.
Please note that when re-entry to the same specialist in some private clinics provide discounts. Ask about them at the Registrar.
The urologist is a doctor who deals with diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases of the urinary system, genitals (in men) and adrenal glands. A visit to a specialist in the preventive purposes once a year is recommended men at any age, especially after 40 years. The symptoms, in the event that need to an appointment to the urologist
Useful advice
To the urologist seek help patients suffering from malformations of the urinary system, pyelonephritis, acute and chronic cystitis, urethritis, urinary incontinence, urinary fistulas, as well as prostatitis, orchitis, hydrocele, varicocele, balanoposthitis, prostatitis, prostate adenoma.

Advice 3: Why smells like urine

Urine – product of human activity, which are excreted from the body various waste products. This fluid is nearly transparent, has a light straw color, odorless. Reacts with air, the urine acquires an unpleasant smell. It happens that a sharp "aroma" can be felt immediately after its release. Why is this happening?
Why smells like urine

Man is what he eats

There are many foods resulting from the consumption of that fresh light incontinence might come sharp smell. These include horseradish, garlic, strong-smelling spices, and asparagus. Also in this list can also include seafood consumed in very large amounts. In addition, this result is obtained by taking certain medications, vitamins.
After discontinuation of the medication, the problem disappears by itself.

A little bit of anatomy

Urine in the human body passes through the kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder, where it accumulates, and finally excreted through the urethra. If the fluid has an ammonia smell, it may indicate that one of the organs of the urinary system there is a violation. The same problem may occur and result in dehydration. This occurs if a person drinks enough water, but healthy. Urine becomes more concentrated.
From morning until evening you should drink at least 1.5-2 liters of clean water.

Various diseases

Sharp and unpleasant smell of urine may acquire and as a result of various diseases. For example, if it emits a distinct fishy smell, then there is a disease sexually transmitted. Worth to visit the venereal diseases.

For inflammation of the bladder (cystitis) as non-infectious and infectious nature of the fluid may smell of ammonia. In this case, when urinating pain are present. When cystitis is caused by the medication, "flavor" urine is a chemical.

The smell can be and with urethritis that is the inflammation of the urethra. This disease is accompanied by pain when going to the toilet, possible of bleeding along with the urine, changing its colour. When liver failure allocated liquid begins to smell of beer and gets a greenish tint.

Diabetes mild fluid can have a sweet Apple "flavor." If the disease progresses, the urine smells of acetone. In any case, you should consult a physician, and after his colleague, endocrinologist.

A similar result can lead unproven weight loss methods, why they are not recommended for use without consulting a doctor.

Unpleasant smell of urine of the child indicates those disorders and diseases in adults. In addition, it can occur when a lack of vitamin D. in infants urine smell depends on what feeds his nursing mother.
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