The speed of movement of spermatozoa depends on many factors. Reducing their activity may be caused by inflammation of the genital organs, prostatitis, various injuries, complications of infection in childhood. If a man with such diseases are not encountered, then the decrease in mobility may be due to poor environmental conditions, the consumption of unhealthy products and alcohol, Smoking, drug abuse, high physical exertion.
The norm is, if the total number of sperm was taken for analysis, actively moving 30-35 percent. So your indicators are close to ideal, you need to make changes in the current lifestyle. For starters, you need to carefully follow the diet, include all needed for a healthy diet foods: milk, fruits, vegetables, grains, special attention should paid to the meat and nuts. In addition, the food should be regular and complete. In addition to the food try to normalize sleep and rest, set a routine and stick to it.
The sperm motility is affected by vitamin C, but on the quality of the sex glands – vitamin E. So make sure in your menu were foods rich in them: red pepper, black currants, rose hips, greens, liver, potatoes, vegetable, olive, butter, as well as the aforementioned nuts and meat.
Sperm become more mobile, if a man for several days abstain from sexual relations. Moreover, the fastest sperm cells are formed during the first sexual intercourse.
In order for the sperm to remain active, you must monitor their health, time to treat discovered illnesses and infections, not to abuse alcohol, and to try to give up Smoking.