Use our convenient self-service system "Service-Guide", which not only allows you to see connected services on the Megaphone, and adjust them as necessary, for example, to abandon unnecessary. Also you can change your tariff plan, optimize costs, configure to obtain information about payments and monitor your account status. For convenience download it to the phone app "Service Guide" from the official website of MegaFon.
Try using the guide with existing hardware. To see connected services on the Megaphone for free by USSD-request *105# . Depending on your region and the current rate of this combination may vary and be for example, *105*1*1*2#; *100# etc. will have more information at your operator.
Use the online service "Internet Assistant" on the website of MegaFon. Follow the on-screen action to get to your room password to access the system. You will see a menu through which you can know the current state of services for MegaFon, and to perform the necessary operations on them.
Find out the list of connected services via the sections on the main page of MegaFon, selecting your region from the provided list. In the section "Services" you will see the current offers of the operator and learn which of them are included in your rate, how they can be enabled or disabled.
View services for MegaFon, and in other ways, for example, through the support of the operator. While in the area of network coverage, dial the free number 0500 and once the operator answers ask for a list of current tariff options. Be prepared to provide passport information and other necessary information.
Please contact one of the city offices or shops Megaphone. The company's specialists will help to find the connected services and disable those that you don't require. In this case you will also need a passport and a contract with the company for the provision of cellular services if you want to dispute the illegal connection of a particular option.