What are the consequences of drawing blood from the veins

After blood collection from the vein at the puncture site may occur bruising, bumps, swelling. All this is accompanied by pain and inability to bend and straighten the injured place. Lividity of the skin persists for several weeks. This is because the blood from the veins under the skin, and hemoglobin included in its composition, oxidized and acquired a purple or blue color.
For the first time confronted with a problem after giving blood, you should not panic. You can seek advice from to the doctor or to try the recipes of traditional medicine.

What ointments resolves bruising

You can buy in a drugstore ointment "Troxevasin". It restores veins and bruising resolves. A similar effect has borodinova and heparin ointment. They can be mixed before use and spread a thin layer to the affected area 4 times a day, it is not recommended to make compresses. Heparin ointment costs about 40 rubles, so it makes no sense to buy expensive counterparts. To remove severe swelling will cold lotions or ice.

Compresses and prevention for venous

You can make vodka compresses. You need to moisten the bandage with vodka, apply to the affected area, leave for 30 minutes. Then remove the compress and to anoint the bruise the heparin ointment. Another damaged area is wrapped with elastic bandage. If a person knows that he has bad veins and is difficult to take their blood, then in the first aid kit should always be ointments with genoprotective property, that is, those that make the veins more elastic.

Some people have veins almost not visible, so when blood collection is difficult the first time to get to the right place. We decided to introduce a needle, hence such a deplorable result. Also after the blood patients quickly unbend the hand that can not be done, the blood has not had time to curl up and begins to spread under the skin.
To hide visible bruises on the site of the venipuncture is possible under clothing with long sleeves. Nobody will know about this temporary defect. This is especially important for the fair sex.

The bruise usually appears not immediately, but after a couple of hours or even days. You can draw iodine mesh on the sick place. This will require iodine and cotton swabs. On the site of the puncture is formed, sometimes lumpy. Is a blood clot. Therefore, to avoid the formation of a blood clot, you should immediately take action if there was a bruise at the site of blood sampling.

If the pain and bruise are not for a long time, you must contact the surgeon to find the cause of what is happening.