Advice 1: Why burst capillaries

Called capillaries microscopic blood vesselsthat deliver nourishment to muscle fibers to every cell of the body. They are very small and to the naked eye is not visible. But in all the organs and tissues of the body, these blood vessels form a mesh, like a spider web, and they can be clearly seen in the capillaroscope. Entire complex circulatory system that includes heart, blood vessels, mechanisms of endocrine and nervous regulation, are designed to deliver to the capillaries blood that is essential for the functioning of the cells.
Why burst capillaries
Capillary vessels are in a constant state of change as the regeneration, and reduce them where necessary to the body. From the contraction and expansion of the capillaries depend on all pathological processes in the tissues: the trophic disorders, allergies, inflammation, toxic processes, etc. With the enlargement of the capillaries there is a decrease in blood pressure, and conversely, the constriction of the capillaries increases blood pressure.

The main cause of the capillaries is the destruction of the membranes of the endothelial cells of the capillaries, caused by a poisoning with products of disintegration of protein molecules (histamine) and negative in the body of vitamin C. the Pathological changes of the capillaries lead to the development of diseases, dangerous to human life. This is phlebitis, arteriitis, limfangoita, myocardial infarction, pericarditis, endocarditis, encephalitis, brain swelling, all lung diseases, cataracts and glaucoma, peptic ulcer disease etc.

Thrombosis of the capillaries reduces the volume of the microvascular network, the reserve capillaries become passive and unable to revive, if not to use them a stimulating load. During inactivity, the main enemy of modern man, up to 2/3 of the capillary network is generally idle, they are in Sienna condition, the blood on them doesn't pass that leads to necrotic changes.

In addition, to destruction of capillaries leads organic salt deposits on the walls of the capillaries. Known and successfully used traditional methods of cleaning vessels with tincture of Sophora japonica and mistletoe, garlic, the drugs, honey garlic and cranberry-honey compounds, which are recommended to be taken twice a year – spring and autumn.

To restore the capillary circulation it is recommended to use massage the problem areas with applikatorom Kuznetsova, rubbing the fingers on the methodology of Professor Umansky, contrast shower bath, turpentine bath for Salmanovo, bath, always with a broom. Cleansing effect on the capillaries has the juice of kiwi and grapefruit, and in kind.

The constriction of the capillaries, their desiccation and death is the first bells upcoming vascular problems, and don't skip them is a priority, deciding which each can significantly prolong life.

Advice 2: Why burst capillaries in the eyes

Some people face the unpleasant phenomenon: the whites of his eyes suddenly covered with red streaks, spots. In addition to the aesthetic discomfort, the person often suffers from anxiety: could it be signs of an illness?
Why burst capillaries in the eyes
Such streaks and spots appear due to the fact that the burst capillaries in the eyes. And the reasons for this phenomenon are many. Usually it happens because of fatigue, disordered regime of the day. If a person is too often and too long sat in front of a computer monitor, if forced to work in poor light, perenapravit eyes, it is not surprising the increased fragility of the capillary walls. The body as it signals that your eyes need help!

In this case, you should improve the lighting of the workplace, and most importantly – be sure to reduce the time spent at the computer. To reduce it to the necessary minimum. References to the fact that under the current circumstances it is simply impossible, as a rule, is untenable. In the end, vision is more important! Definitely need to streamline the regime, particularly focusing on the duration of sleep. Need to sleep as much as needed to feel well rested.

Sometimes popping eye capillaries may indicate elevated intraocular or intracranial pressure. Therefore, it will not hurt to seek the advice of a doctor and, if necessary, undergo treatment.

Some people, especially the elderly, the capillaries in the eyes can burst due to a sharp increase in blood pressure (hypertensive crisis).

In some cases, it may also indicate a lack of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and P (rutin). Then you should adjust diet to increase the consumption of foods rich in these vitamins, first of all, vegetables and fruits, take vitamin complexes.

If the appearance of red streaks, spots is accompanied by pain, blurred vision, you should immediately seek medical help! Because it can be a symptom of a serious disease. Procrastination and self-medication is not allowed here, they can lead to very unpleasant consequences.

Advice 3: Why burst blood vessels in her eyes

There are people who are repeatedly faced with the problem, when in the eyesAh burst a blood vessel. It causes a burning sensation, and sometimes itching. Blood from the ruptured vessel flows, and eye redness. What caused this phenomenon and how to prevent it?
Why burst blood vessels in her eyes

Blood vessels in the eyes is very thin, so the first to suffer. They usually burst from the constant eye strain and fatigue. Prolonged work at the computer without breaks, sleepless nights, bright light halogen lamp, and nicotine can cause rupture of capillaries in the eye. Even a long stay in an air-conditioned unfavorably to the human eye.

Try to give your eyes a rest. When working on the computer after 15-20 minutes make a break in work, leaving your monitor. During the holidays don't read or watch TV to give your eyes to relax completely.

Get more fresh air, but protect your eyes from wind, dust and sun that dry up the mucous. Wash your eyes with cold water to improve their blood circulation.

Nutrition is important in the health of blood vessels. To your blood vessels was strong, eat more fruit and vegetables which have dark green color. For example, lettuce, spinach, and broccoli. These vegetables contain the largest amount of substances that strengthen the eye capillaries. When the pain can begin to drip eye drops "visine".

Another common cause of the destruction of capillaries can be fragile blood vessels. So if you often burst blood vessels in the eyes, check blood glucose and prothrombin, as well as monitor your blood pressure.

To provoke ocular hemorrhage can visit the sauna and steam rooms, saunas, high physical exertion, changes in blood pressure. Beriberi can also cause rupture of the eye capillaries, so in early spring start taking vitamins and try to eat foods containing rutin and ascorbic acid.

If the tests show you are normal and the blood pressure is normal, but blood vessels in her eyes burst anyway, go to the ophthalmologist. The cause may be a vascular problem, the violation of intraocular pressure or infectious diseases, such as conjunctivitis. Only a doctor can diagnose and prescribe the necessary treatment.

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