Doctors say that the soreness of veins in the lower extremities often due to inflammatory diseases of the veins – varicose veins and thrombophlebitis. The development of such inflammation occurs, the veins that causes pain, edema, etc.

Soreness of veins in the development of inflammation of the doctors say, first and foremost by thrombosis. It is a violation of circulation of blood, its stasis and as a result, the expansion of the vessel wall beyond measure. This violation is characterized by a dull pulling pain in the veins.

What diseases cause vein disease

Reasons may develop venous insufficiency in the legs, very, very much. First and foremost is, of course, an occupational hazard. Varicose veins or thrombophlebitis often occurs for those who are engaged in standing work or forced to walk a lot. Since the position of the body for a sufficiently long period remains vertical, can impair venous blood flow, with the result that they develop problems with their feet.
Marked varicose veins and those ladies who often go pregnant. As in the period of carrying a baby is very much deteriorating the flow of blood in the lower body.

Another reason – genetic predisposition. If your relatives had problems with feet of a similar nature, can expect that they will repeat themselves and you. So better to take care of prevention.

Unhealthy habits and excessive weight and also enter a person at risk. Smoking, excessive and regular consumption of alcohol, addiction to harmful fatty foods thinner blood vessels and increase the weight. As a result, the load on the legs increases, and the thin vessels are not able to adequately cope.

Wearing of high heels, the habit of sitting legs crossed, etc. – also cause the development of varicose veins.


Varicose veins and thrombophlebitis, for my feelings are very similar. The patient pulls his legs, he cannot walk, limbs are "buzzing" and whine, of Vienna, ill.

Sometimes on the surface of the skin due to internal rupture of the vessel walls, spots appear and even sores (if the situation has gone too far).
Not to bring themselves to a critical state, be sure to take care of the prevention and does not appear to the doctor as soon as you have started to disturb pains in the legs.

How to treat

Of course, you must first remove the inflammation from the affected veins. You need to improve the circulation of blood through the vessels. Good help in such cases, special ointments and creams, for example, heparin ointment, a gel "Lioton", "Caffeine", etc.

If the inflammation of the veins caused by any infection in the body, it must be eliminated. And, as a rule, to of treatment take antibiotics. If the ducts are clogged veins completely, you have to resort to surgical intervention.

Will also have to fight with unhealthy habits. Try sitting, placing his feet in front of him at an angle of 90 degrees, refrain from wearing high heels in everyday life (heel height for daily use should be no more than 5 cm).

Add to your life do some physical exercise – Cycling, swimming and light exercises will help you bring the legs in order to get rid of the pain. Of course, add to that a healthy diet – more vegetables and fruits, less refined and canned foods and soda.

If spider veins veins are already visible, start wearing compression stockings.