You will need
  • - a decoction of yarrow
  • mint oil or lemon juice
To strengthen the blood vessels of the legs, you need to train them. To do this, you must regularly engage in walking, swimming, Jogging or ride bike.
The blood in the veins should not stagnate, so the legs should be periodically to raise higher and not to sit still for a long time, it is also not recommended to throw a leg over the other.
Carry things perezhimaya of Vienna was not good for the legs, blood flow will be inhibited in such clothing items as shoes, tights, belts, and corsets.
To improve blood flow in the legs using a special elastic bandage, wear them if necessary.
In the predisposition to varicose veins will help the bath herbal concoctions with ice cubes, swelling and roaring in the legs will disappear quickly. Can these infusions wipe veins after labor day.
Swelling of the feet can be removed, taking a decoction of yarrow. To make it easy, it is necessary to connect one part of the grass and ten parts of boiling water, give the infusion to cool, strain it and take orally 3 times a day third Cup.
To boost immunity and strengthen blood vessels of the legs by using water treatments. Add in cold water, menthol oil, or lemon juice and soak there feet to mid-calf. Do the same thing but with warm water, you get something like a contrast shower in which the expansion and contraction of blood vessels, and therefore, their training. Last time immerse the feet in cold water after the procedure, RUB them hard with a towel.
To strengthen your calf muscles, try to perform a number of exercises, flexion and extension of the foot at the ankle, in addition, it is useful to rotate the feet in different directions. Good results exercise brings, the meaning of which is to alternate lead legs back when feet touch the floor entirely, when this occurs, the tension of the gastrocnemius muscle and blood flow improves.