Before the procedure at least two days will exclude from the diet of fatty, spicy, fried, smoked food, and also eggs and milk. Drink plenty of fluids, but not alcohol. Do not take medications, particularly aspirin and analgesics. A good night's sleep. In the cafeteria you can have Breakfast tea and biscuits, now you only want a light Breakfast.
How to take <strong>blood</strong> <b><em>plasma</em></b>
Before the procedure you will measure pulse rate, blood pressure, take blood from a finger for hemoglobin and will be asked to complete a donor questionnaire. Next, sit in a chair-a couch and injected into a vein disposable needle.
The procedure for obtaining plasma takes 40 minutes, you may take a look at this movie time, but not all stations are equipped with the necessary appliances, so it makes sense to take a player.
How to take <strong>blood</strong> <b><em>plasma</em></b>
When plasma from the blood is separated, the remaining blood will merge you back to Vienna. Blood loss in this procedure, respectively, much less than at the time of whole blood, so the plasma you will be able to pass again in two weeks, but not more than 12 times a year.
After the procedure, sit still for a while – you may be dizzy, and better if at this time there will be a nurse.
How to take <strong>blood</strong> <b><em>plasma</em></b>