Advice 1: Why do I get bruises on the hands and feet

What if on the hands or feet bruises? They not only cause aesthetic discomfort, but also can be symptoms of various diseases. So, before you start treatment, you must determine the cause.
Why do I get bruises on the hands and feet
Of course, bruising can be caused by common trauma (injury). However, if the person did not hurt arm or leg, and the skin had a bruise, you should consult a doctor to be examined and, if necessary, to start to heal.

What caused the bruises on her arms

Bruising on hands evidence of subcutaneous hemorrhage due to violation of the integrity of the walls of the blood vessel. If we are talking about capillaries, bruises will be very minor (in most cases, almost invisible). That burst capillary, may testify only mild pain at the injury site of the vessel. If violated the integrity of the venous wall, blood flows a lot more.
It is easy to understand that the thicker was the bursting of Vienna, the more it will bruise.

Subcutaneous hemorrhage may be caused by various reasons. For example, this may happen due to the lack of elasticity, fragility of blood vessels. Also, the cause may be a bleeding disorder, the initial stage of varicose vein disease, hormonal changes in the body. Often bruises appear due to a lack of certain vitamins and minerals.
There are other causes of bruising on the hands, usually associated with various blood disorders.

Women due to physiological characteristics of the organism are often sharp fluctuations in hormonal levels. That is why they have bruises during menstruation, pregnancy, or breast-feeding.

Why do I get bruises on my legs

All of the above the causes of bruising can be fully applied also to the legs. However, feet have a constant load because of the need to withstand the weight of the body. Therefore, there are additional reasons for the lower limb, may appear bruiseI. Is, above all, large load, especially due to excess body weight or professional activities, for example, in athletes, porters, etc.; the need to stand for long periods, especially in uncomfortable shoes (the work of teachers, the seller).

In any case, it is advisable to consult a doctor. If possible, it is better to consult a qualified phlebologist (specialist in vein disease treatment). And, of course, necessary to reasonably measure the load on feet, and also to abandon the cramped, uncomfortable shoes (even at the expense of fashion).

Advice 2 : How to show the bruise quickly

Bump into a sharp corner – no problem, but then on the body can appear unattractive bruiseand. To bruise to withdraw as quickly as possible, it is necessary to remember a clear strategy.
A bruise can significantly spoil the appearance, so do not waste any time
You will need
  • Ice, or a bottle of cold water, elastic bandage, anti-inflammatory ointments, means for warming (heating pad, compress, calendula, iodine, vodka, pepper patch), vitamin C.
First, assess the extent of the incident. Make sure you are dealing with a simple injury and not a fracture. If the swelling grows too fast, you can't make the usual movement, and the pain becomes unbearable, go to the doctor. If such signs are not, continue to do your normal bruise.
The first and essential thing to do with the appearance of a bruise is to apply something cold to the injury site, such as ice or bottle of cold water. Thanks to it you a little numb trauma, tumor formation will stop and the blood will not penetrate deeply into soft tissue. The procedure is carried out multiple times for 5-10 minutes with short breaks.
If you have a bruise on the leg or arm, you must raise the body part above heart level for some time, that the blood does not get to the site of injury.
Tighten tight elastic bandage place of injury, if it is in the area of the torso or neck. As well it should be done, if you can't make something cold at the beginning of the formation of a bruise.
Now use anti-inflammatory drugs that help to dissolve the formed hematoma. It can be ointment which contains vitamins P, K and Arnica. Folk remedies can be applied aloe leaf and cabbage, mashed the marigold flower, a piece of pineapple or a tooth paste.
Further, when the bruise formed, it is good to warm it. For this fit the pepper patch, yotova mesh, water compresses or hot water bottle. Also suitable compresses on vodka and tincture of calendula.
Increase the intake of vitamin C, which is a great help in the elimination of bruises, and also for their prevention. Vitamin complex, ascorbic acid, plenty of fruit, citrus, currants or bell pepper – choose what you prefer and taste. At observance of all these rules to get rid of a bruise maybe 2-3 calendar days.
Bruises do not appear only to those who becomes a victim of physical abuse – often, a bruise can occur inadvertently in an unfortunate misunderstanding. If a bruise appears in a prominent place, what I want as quickly as possible to reduce.
Useful advice
Treat bruises at home. In sore need to apply a salt patch. Through the pores of the salt is rapidly absorbed under the skin and purifies the tissue of dead cells that appear after injury and promotes the resorption of hematomas and tumors. Helps for fast healing of bruise potato starch, diluted with water to obtain a paste, will help bring the bruise and pulp of raw potatoes.

Advice 3 : Why black eyes

Such a common phenomenon as bruising under the eyes, sometimes hiding a serious medical problem. Therefore, before proceeding to eliminate cosmetic defect, it is necessary to understand the reasons for its occurrence.
Why black eyes
Circles under eyes often appear in women at a Mature age. This is due to the fact that the eyelid skin (and not only) loses elasticity and droops slightly. As a result, begin to Shine through close to her blood vessels. However, often the problem arises from young girls. In this case, to return to its former beauty, you must identify and eliminate the cause.The main cause of bruising under the eyes is lack of sleep. Even one sleepless night can significantly spoil the appearance. If you sleep less than 7-8 hours daily — circles under the eyes are a logical outcome. To resolve the problem in this case is enough to reconsider your routines.Also blue under the eyes can appear due to dehydration. And it is not always the cause is illness or fever. Often the woman uses little liquid due to the lack of time or desire. And yet, in order to look good, it is necessary to drink daily not less than a liter of water (green tea, fruit drinks, etc.) Bruising under the eyes can indicate problems with health. The most common of them is anemia. Because of the paleness of the skin blood vessels located close to a century, become more visible. This is the reason for the appearance of blue under the eyes. Deal with it in this case you can use a full supply. Enrich your diet with iron-containing foods (beef, buckwheat, apples), get more on the street.Dark circles under the eyes can also be the first symptom of heart disease. They appear long before the emergence of other problems. Check your health from a qualified specialist. Timely diagnosis and treatment will not only save you from bruises under the eyes, but also protect you from dangerous complications.Whatever the cause of dark circles under eyescan improve their appearance with the help of simple tools. The mask of low-fat cottage cheese wrapped in gauze, and compress the wet tea bags applied to the eyelids, will help improve the skin's elasticity and make it less noticeable, even the most vivid bruises.

Advice 4 : How to get rid of a bruise

The question of how to get rid of bruises, concerned, perhaps, not only children but also women who are this unfortunate fact prevents to wear a fashionable dress or a short skirt. To the bruises did not prevent the scheduled event, you must quickly respond to injury, and avoiding strong manifestations of bruising.
How to get rid of a bruise

For starters, you need to attach to the site of injury something rather cold, for example, ice. Cold, acting on the vessels, narrows them, which is fast enough to stop the blood flowing under the skin, and relieves pain.

If people at hand was not, may come to the aid of elastic bandage, which presses the damaged blood vessels, which prevents quite a large hematoma.

To get rid of a bruise that has appeared with the help of drugs, in which the main elements are the chestnut, heparin, leech saliva and calendula.

By the way, a cold compress of the crushed inflorescences of calendula, immersed in a concentrated welding also is an excellent remedy which will help to quickly get rid of a bruise.

In folk medicine, from the appearance of bruises is recommended to use a cabbage leaf, which previously recommended to remove the hard vein, slightly knead, in order to have the juice. Change the cabbage leaf is desirable as it dries.

Another recommended natural healer of bruises is comfrey, whose leaves are also applied to the site of injury.

The best way in order to get rid of bruises, recognizes a plant called mullein. To prevent its occurrence, it is recommended to use fresh flowers from which the stamens removed, moisten with water and apply the inner side to the injury. In this way, the bruise may not appear absolutely, and if it is already available, with regular changing of the flowers, to get rid of a bruise can be roughly about six hours.

For those who have no idea what a herb called "mullein", is recommended to pay attention to a mug or a mother-and-stepmother. Fresh leaves of these plants also stretch and apply less pubescent party to the bruised places.

If the bruise is still quite large, then, a day after his appearance, the specialists recommend to use a pepper patch, which contributes to the rapid resorption of a hematoma, making the bruise less noticeable and inconspicuous spot.



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