The blood from the vein.
The analysis is taken on an empty stomach, preferably in the morning. In the evening it is advisable not to eat fatty, fried and salty.
Before taking the blood arm above the elbow over tighten the harness.
After that you need to squeeze the hand into a fist, then unclench.
The area, which will be introduced with a syringe, treated with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.
As soon as the veins become visible, gently insert the needle.
Blood taken slowly, otherwise it may become bad. In rare cases, possible nausea and dizziness.
If you need to take a lot of blood, the syringe is detached from the needle, drained the blood into a test tube. Again insert the syringe into the needle and continue the fence.
After a sample is taken, apply cotton wool soaked in alcohol, and firmly bend the elbow.
The blood from the finger.
Taken on an empty stomach.
Before testing, finger lightly massaged, then treated with alcohol.
With the help of a special metal pen pierced his finger.
If the blood is OK, then there is no need to squeeze the pad of the finger. The blood collection make a glass tube, wearing a rubber pear.
In that case, if the blood goes bad and the pressure pads does not help, the finger pierced again (usually another) and continue sampling.