If you got hit hard, but the skin there is visible damage, it is necessary to take care to avoid hematoma. To do so, attach to this place cold. You can also RUB the injured spot of the pain is a tool of ancient times used to treat bruising.
Well help compresses of castor oil. Apply it to the damaged spot, apply a warm compress and leave it on overnight.
If the bruise has already formed, its resorption may contribute to iodine mesh. Apply it to the bruise for the night, by morning, the iodine should be fully absorbed.
You can try the following folk recipe: take one egg yolk, one tablespoon honey and one tablespoon of vegetable oil. The resulting mass apply on the bruise, wrap up warm with a bandage and leave for a day. Compress this perfectly resolves even chronic hematoma.
For speedy removal of the bruise you can take vodka and plain water, mix in equal amounts and freeze in molds for ice. The resulting cubes should be wiped with bruises several times a day.
Already manifested a bruise can be lubricated with ointment based on the same fresh-water sponge. These ointments are sold in a pharmacy and they have several varieties - consult your pharmacist, what to choose for your bruise.
You can buy the ointment "Rescuer" and "Caffeine" - they also contribute to the rapid disappearance of bruising.
If the hematoma persists or appeared on the skin ulceration, it is urgent to consult a doctor.