If you already finish their secondary or specialized secondary education, you have a great chance to make his main specialty is the art of creating a beautiful and harmonious space. Especially because it promises good financial prospects. In this case, you open a direct route to the faculty of the interior design of one of the Universities.
The choice of a higher educational institution should be treated very seriously, as it will largely determine the prospects of your future career. Universities can be both public and commercial. In state schools teaching is conducted in strict accordance with the principles of academic education, which involves a fairly complicated way.
Before entering in the budget Department, you can pass training courses that will facilitate your task when passing entrance examinations. Duration of such courses may vary from 6 to 8 months. Chance to go to a state UNIVERSITY on a speciality the designer above, if you went to art school, or at least a good draw. When applying, in addition to standard papers, you may also be required for your home paintings, 10 pieces.
Not studying in art school and not knowing the basic foundations of academic drawing, to enter the profession of designer in the state Institute is very problematic. Try to at least take a course of academic drawing and painting before applying. Typically, these courses are organized by private individuals - Tutors, who have higher education in the field of applied arts. Such courses can be conducted on a group basis (in small groups of 3-5 people), and individually, you will be much more expensive.
If you want to get on a budgetary place in high school, be prepared for intense and complex competitive selection. If you successfully pass, you will find 5-6 years of training, after which you will become an expert on interior design and will receive a diploma that confirms your qualifications. In the course of the competitive selection, you will need to take entrance exams for a knowledge of history, literature and Russian language. In addition, there may be specialized examinations in drawing, composition, art, or cultural history.
Commercial higher educational institutions offer more lenient terms received. In most cases, admission is based on interview results and 5 entries. If you already have a diploma of higher education in a different field, you can go to learn interior design at private courses, which usually last from 6 months to 1 year. They will take much less of your time, and to enroll in these courses you will be able without strict selection, not even having a basic art education.