Stimulation with your fingers

The G-spot, open in the 80-ies of the 20th century, made a lot of noise. This most erogenous of female the hon difficult to find due to small size (up to 3 cm) and deep location in the vagina (6 cm). In addition, the G-spot in the unexcited state is not very strong.

Because if a man wants to pleasure a woman by acting on the G-spot, then first you must find her. To do this, man must relax and excite your partner. According to sexologists, in the excited state the G-spot is markedly increased and is easily detectable. For excitation of the partner a man should long be all over her because "miracle point" can awaken any touch, breath, kiss.

When a man sees that a woman is excited, he should enter fingers into the vagina to the depth of the little finger and the top to feel the rough bump. This is the g-spot.

It is perfect for internal massage. To do this, the woman must lie on her back, the man is beside her on his side. He should enter the vagina ring and middle finger. While the thumb is placed on the clitoris, stimulating it at the same time to excite. Partner moves fingers on the G-spot, making various movements with your fingers.

And during sexual intercourse

In addition to the stimulation of my fingers, man can correctly influence the G-spot during intercourse. This should elect the appropriate posture. For example, the traditional missionary position to influence the G-spot is not suitable, because the penis is not in contact with the upper vaginal vault. Another thing, when the man is in the back position. In this position the woman will get pleasure from the stimulation point G.

Great for the impact on the erogenous zone suitable pose of "horsewoman" when a woman is on top men. In this position the partner is fully in control, guiding partner in the right direction. In addition, the position "woman on top" the head of the penis rests in the upper wall of the vagina.

Currently, the industry of sex toys allows you to purchase vibrators designed to stimulate the point G. In any case, whichever method is chosen a pair, study of a G-spot and a different manipulation of it is able to bring a woman pleasure, to make her Queen of the night, deliver a violent orgasm, and the man to obtain moral satisfaction.