The examples of love in spite of

Contrary to love means to love no matter what, no matter what the difficulties and obstacles. Each specific situation may have its own characteristics, but to highlight the most common examples of love in spite of.

For example, the girl and the boy fell passionately in love with each other at first sight, they married, began to live happily, they had children. After a few years of family life can sometimes be a terrible tragedy: her husband has an accident, becomes permanently disabled, confined to a wheelchair. Couples life changes radically, now the woman functions as the head of the family, it is very difficult, both physically and mentally. Compassionate friends and relatives advise her to find another husband, but she can't do it, her family becomes only stronger and more United every year.

That saves a family from destruction? The fact that despite all the difficulties, the woman loves her husband as much as before. Of course, someone may say that it is simply a pity to throw it. But one of pity will not last long no family, you need something more, namely love.

A vivid manifestation of love in spite of, you can watch and if family is created by people confined to wheelchairs. No matter what, they believe in love and I can share this feeling with each other. Sometimes in such families children are born, which once again proves their right to love in spite of everything.

Unrequited love, lasting for years, is also a feeling that can not resist the cold arguments, and common sense. The man understands that this love is impossible, that it will not bring him anything but pain. However, in spite of everything, he continues to experience this feeling despite the lack of love in return, to the arguments of friends and acquaintances, in spite of his own suffering and heartache.

How lasting love in spite of?

The strength of such love depends on the person experiencing the feeling. Someone seems to already at the first difficulty, justifying their weakness from any cause. In this case, we can assume that love was not at all that feeling did not survive serious examination, and tests. This often happens when people used to love each other for something, for example, its success, wealth, etc. But all these values are transient, and when the other person loses what he loved, he loses the love itself.

If love for another person is not attached to his wealth, success, etc., and in the most difficult situations she will not go away and will only intensify, will show up even more and become a shining example of the great feeling that exists in spite of all misfortunes and adversities.