Looks like a clitoris and where it is

Small and inconspicuous at first glance, the clitoris holds enormous female potential. It is situated in the folds of the labia majora, exposing on display the only the head-bump.

In addition to the head, the clitoris has a body and legs, and the body consists of the same corpus cavernosum, which are available in the male penis. So when they are filled with blood, the clitoris becomes excited and begins the so-called female erection.
For quick recall of orgasm in women partner can light gently caressing her Clit, but it should be done continuously.

Some sources describe the clitoris as the female penis, due to the presence of his bridle and hood, as well as the male sexual organ. The hood can be compared to the foreskin as the problem they have to hide the delicate glans of the clitoris and of the penis.

Clitoral enlargement in size is not always the result of sexual arousal. So he can respond to the friction of tight underwear or touch the hands of his mistress in the process of hygienic care.

The role of the clitoris in a woman's body

Because of the large concentrations of nerve endings, the clitoris was the organ, concentrating voluptuous sensation during sexual intercourse with your partner. Of course, on the overall sex appeal it has no effect, but the size of this organ may depend on the result of its stimulation.

Being the main erogenous zone on the female body, the clitoris is in the process of lovemaking in need of special affection. He doesn't like sudden movements and rough handling, and all that is required from the partner is soft.

On the influence of the clitoris in female orgasm is the following. Despite the division between clitoral and vaginal orgasm is not complete without a preliminary dizzying caresses the female body.
Every woman's body is receptive to different caresses. If a previous partner had an orgasm just from touching the clitoris, this does not mean that such manipulation will be pleasant to others.

And what kind of bodies, if not the clitoris, to be responsible for this? With proper stimulation preceding sexual intercourse and not stopping afterwards, the woman can easily reach the peak of pleasure.

To receive bright and unforgettable orgasm requires full trust of partners to each other. Only in confidential conversations you can find out what the caress of a pleasant woman, and to consider it for the future. Agree that it is awkward to hear in your address accusations of debauchery and depravity just because of the fact that an attempt was made to caress the clitoris in a special way.