Advice 1: What does it mean to love in French

"Love me, love me!" - sung in the famous song. And involuntarily I want to think and understand what kind of secrets are hidden in this expression and how they are applicable to the Russian soul.
What does it mean to love in French

The concept and the ways of love French

The French have always been considered thin by nature. Therefore, love in French means to love sophisticated, elegant, focusing on romance and mutual satisfaction in the relationship.

The first way to Express your love in French came to Russia a French kiss. Is a kiss with the use of language when the partner while kissing pushing his tongue in her mouth and another makes a affectionate movement.
However, the language of love in French applied not only for the lips and tongue of a partner.

In Russia it is considered that the French are a free and liberated in sex. And the expression of love in French is meant to receive all sorts of sexual pleasure without shame and complexes. Such pleasures include long sexual foreplay and mutual oral pleasure. Passionate morning sex, as coffee, within the meaning of the French should be hot, slightly spicy, with fresh notes.

With regard to the stage of courtship, in love French man is always a gentleman and a woman a lady. But as soon as they both get in bed, all decency are discarded along with the clothes. The roles change alternately, the script is not on a specific plan. A man and a woman improvise with one common goal - to experience unique moments of tete-a-tete.

How to learn to love in French

To learn to love the French, do not have to go to Paris. Enough to catch the spirit of France, to feel its nuances and traditions, and find in themselves the qualities of worthy Frenchmen. You can surround yourself with the aroma of French perfume, a bunch of Lacy lingerie, every morning to enjoy croissants with cocoa and do not get the desired effect.

Refinement, inner freedom and the thirst for novelty must be your allies. Learn yourself, your body, the body of the partner, ways to give pleasure to yourself and others, and the love of French will seem an inexhaustible source of vitality.

Women can discover a Frenchwoman, reading the statements of the French style icon Coco Chanel. Let the man reveal the secrets of charm and masculinity, imitating Alain Delon or the Musketeers.

In love in French should not be rushed. Stretch the pleasure of communicating with the opposite sex as a tasting of French wines. The courtship must be gallant, game, intrigue. Sex is important the finish is sweet leftovers, thanks for the fireworks of passion.

The main highlight of French love is to love yourself and life in all its manifestations. Love the way you do and life will love you back.

Advice 2: How to learn to love life

The claim that life is given only once, right in any case. Even if you believe in the theory of the transmigration of souls, you have to remember – another life will not be. To learn to love life you must begin to live here and now, in the moment. When you begin to live in the memories or dreams of a brighter future, you lose yourself in real life.
How to learn to love life
Start with gratitude for what you already have. Write down in a diary everything you have achieved to date and what you are proud of. Can you describe success in work, in family, in creative activities, sports, the most important material acquisition. Describe positive skills and qualities of character. And now thank for all of this very lifeitself, the creative power of the Universe. Every evening, write down in the diary the new achievements and successes, and each morning start with gratitude. Focusing on the positive, you will increase self-esteem, learn to appreciate life and enjoy it.
Every day do one thing that would bring you joy and satisfaction. Waking up in the morning, think: "What I can today to please yourself?". This can be buying things that you've always dreamed of, a trip to the beauty salon, chatting with friends, hike with the whole family to the circus, watching an interesting movie, listening to your favorite music, a hobby, or just a walk in the fresh air. Concentrate on loving yourself and people around you are tuning to receive pleasure from life. Try to smile and enjoy the moment. Find joy in those things that previously seemed to you something everyday.
Do your best to forgive yourself and others for pain, misdeeds and words. Resentment, hatred, self-blame, remorse, regret about the past do not allow us to rejoice in the fact that in the present. Focusing on the negative aspects of life, constantly thinking about the bad, we cease to love life and poison their existence. Forgive yourself first and mentally ask forgiveness from those people that ever harmed. If you can make it to reality. Then forgive those who hurt you. Say calmly: "I forgive and release you with love." When the heavy burden of the past will cease to dominate over you when you look for joy and to give thanks for its manifestation of yourself, you'll learn to love life.
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