What is the clitoris?

The clitoris is one of the most sexually sensitive area of each woman. In its form it resembles a soft knob soft pink color can increase in size during the period of sexual arousal women.
Swelling of the clitoris occurs due to the influx of arterial blood due to its direct stimulation or normal sexual arousal women.

On the clitoris and the glans of the male penis, there are a whole lot of special nerve endings. They give women sexual pleasure from the so-called clitoral orgasm. It is worth noting that the clitoris, unlike the head of the penis, the nerve system is much richer, as their end away inside a woman's body and even cover her hips.

Looks like a clitoris?

In principle, the structure of the clitoris is a bit like the penis of men. The fact that the clitoris is exactly the same as the penis endowed head, frenulum, a small "hood" that resembles the foreskin in men, and legs. The size of the clitoris is different. In a calm state, they range from 2 to 4 cm

Curiously, in essence, the clitoris is not a little lumpy and bulky and independent sexual organ of a woman. The base (body) closed with skin. Outside sticks out only a little head. At length excited the clitoris can reach 10 cm Outwardly, it resembles a small male penis, which is in a calm state.
Often men do not understand that the clitoris is the most delicate organ of woman. Rough handling causes the fair sex, more of a pain than sexual pleasure.

His head is just above the entrance to the vagina (vagina), but behind and slightly below the place where are the labia majora. The clitoris is surrounded by a thin membrane. During sexual arousal it becomes movable.

Generally the clitoris is needed in order to accumulate and concentrate sexual feelings women, and then turn them into orgasmic discharge. Some women have this body in General is a major erogenous zone, but there are those for whom the clitoris to have the opposite effect, because it is very sensitive to caresses. In this case, his direct stimulation will bring her only pain.