Nipple piercings have long been used for various rituals. In Ancient Rome, the piercing was a symbol of bravery and courage and was very popular among the guards Julius Caesar. In Victoriabuy the age of the piercing done for the sake of improving breast shape.

Piercing the nipples are currently doing for different purposes, most of the girls noted positive changes and sexual life after a puncture. Of course, there is a small risk of infection. But this can be avoided by constantly treating puncture a variety of means.

If you decided to do nipple piercings, be aware that you can increase sensation when biting, kissing, and similar caresses. Also the piercing might help to correct the shape of the nipples. Most of the girls who were breast-fed, nipples become flat and ugly. This is easy to fix, making the piercing. Nipples will become more prominent.

Nipples before the puncture is necessary to bring in the excited state, then mark the places through which will pass the needle, after all the manipulation is done the piercing. Remember, if you have small nipples, puncture will be very hard to implement. In some individual cases is not impossible.

Types of piercing

Piercing can be vertical or horizontal. What kind of piercing you decide to do depends on your preferences. You should know that this procedure is harder than you think. But you don't have to worry if you do puncture the professional.


As decorations tend to choose rings, rod and washer. You should choose hypoallergenic titanium jewelry that can be purchased in specialized stores. In any case, do not purchase these products anywhere in the subway. Cheap jewelry is often made of low quality materials.

Healing punctures

The punctures heal in a few months, because it is impossible to swim in open water so as not to contaminate it. Shower can be taken just should not RUB the places with a loofah. To handle the piercing is possible with a weak solution of chlorhexidine should not be used for this purpose, the alcohol or iodine.

If you have discomfort, burning and pain in the area of the puncture, you should contact the master who gave you the piercing to clean the wound. Purulent discharge from the nipple indicate that you have the infection. In this case it is advisable to remove jewelry and wait some time until the puncture healed.