Open the erogenous zones

Not all erogenous zones of girls hidden under clothing. So warming up you are ready to start on a date even in a fairly crowded place. From your actions will look just as gentle attitude.

For example, strong erogenous zone girls are neck and earlobes. Even a gentle touch to the parts of the body can cause a lot of excitement. For example, correct collar dress or a necklace, something whisper on an ear. If you are alone, actions can be more decisive: gentle kissing, sexual touching.

Often erogenous zone girls are the wrist and palm. To attract her attention and declare his intentions, gently slide your finger tips on these areas. The movements can be circular or round-trip. Most importantly, do not get carried away: excessive rubbing of the palms may get bored and become unpleasant.

Very sensitive and erogenous girls scalp. Gentle massage of this area will quickly excite your companion. The main points in this case are on the back of the head and at the transition to the neck. Neat, chaotic motion will give the girl a feeling of relaxation and bliss.

Often women open up another erogenous zone - the knees and the area under them. These places are very sensitive, and due to their stimulation, you can easily change the mood of the lady. Most importantly, be careful and act slowly. Active movement at a particularly sensitive nature may not cause excitement, and the unrestrained laughter from the tickling.

Only for close people

Open the stimulation of erogenous zones will help to bring the girl and set her on a sexual way. With the development of the action it will open up more and more parts of their body. And under the clothes hiding a lot of the important "buttons".

For example, very sensitive girls inner and rear thighs. To trigger the necessary response is possible using hands and using light kisses (or just moving the lips). Gentle touch to the bare thighs is very erotic and pleasant, with their help you can easily Wake up the sexuality of the companion.

Enchanting sensation some women feel from touching the back. And to single out any specific area is problematic, because every beauty is very individual. To understand your girlfriend will help you to monitor her reaction.

Erogenous zone is the belly. The best stimulation to this area – the kisses that slowly moved down to the pubis. This will cause a positive reaction partner and a strong arousal.

Oddly enough, but the breast is an erogenous zone, a very small number of girls. More sensitive and erogenous area is under it. Touch to these places, kissing and stroking will help you "tune in" and relax the girl.

That relates directly to the intimate area, her main erogenous part is the clitoris. Proper stimulation will lead to an orgasm. Also the different sensitivity of the vagina and the gap between it and the anus. Weasels in this region is get a girl directly to have sexual intercourse.