Causes of bad smell of the hair

Experts say that the hair itself does not have a specific flavor. Odour contribute to some of the factors that naturally occur in the body. Smell, as a rule, publish the sweat and sebaceous glands. In turn, their work is connected with constant operation of all internal systems and organs. Even a slight malfunction of sweat or sebaceous glands can cause odor from the hair.

It is worth noting that frustrating can smell dirty hair. It is a question of personal hygiene, which, of course, must be followed. If necessary, locks should be washed every day, especially if it is oily hair type.

If you have a problem like seborrhea, the unpleasant smell from the hair will come as a consequence of the disease. To cope with this disease will help special medicines and cosmetics. Find the right drug will help a qualified technician.

Also the odor from the scalp could signal problems with internal organs. For example, diseases of the intestines, liver, kidneys significantly influence the change in the natural secreted from the glands of secretion. Thus, there is a nasty repulsive smell. In this case should undergo a detailed medical examination. Only after ascertaining the real cause of the odor you can get rid of the problem.

Unpleasant odor of hair can also be due to a temporary intake of certain medications.
It should be noted that even used food can be a culprit of the bad smell emanating from the hair. Carefully review your diet. The smell is able to provoke artificial spices, sauces, marinades, meats and more.

Useful tips

Of course, if the cause of odour from the hair lies in a certain disease should be treated, asking for help in a medical facility.

In the case when the cause of the unpleasant odor from the scalp are not known, you should consult a dermatologist or trichologist for help. Often the cause of this disease lies in the reproduction of the fungus on the head, vitamin deficiency or metabolic disorders. An experienced specialist will help to deal with this problem and prescribe the necessary treatment.

Aromatherapy can help to get rid of the unpleasant smell of hair if the cause was extraneous flavors. Do this whenever you wash the hair, add shampoo 2-3 drops of rosemary essential oil, chamomile or vanilla.