What is spermogramme

Semen quality can be checked in the medical laboratories, working under the programs of artificial insemination, sperm banks. The analysis is performed in about a week. Before taking the semen analysis will abstain from sex for two days. Do not take alcohol, limit Smoking, do not visit a bath, sauna. It is not recommended to test during acute illness, intake of any drugs.

Analysis of the quality of the sperm is called semen. It is held by means of a microscope in complete sterility. The study results determine the amount, color, viscosity and acidity of the sperm count the sperm cells, determine their mobility. For the semen analysis, the doctor-androlog can diagnose prostatitis, to identify sexually transmitted infections, find out other causes that will affect the process of fertilization.

Indicators of sperm quality

In the process of conducting research to determine the exact number of sperm, identify erythrocytes, indicating a pathological process. An important indicator is the absolute number of sperm contained in 1 ml of ejaculate. Normal is the presence in 1 ml of seminal fluid no less than 15 million sperm. A condition characterized by decrease in their number in the ejaculate is called "oligospermia". It develops in the case of prostate diseases, dysfunction of the seminal vesicles, obstruction of ejaculatory duct.

In determining the quality of sperm out of her viscosity. The ejaculate is normal, first is liquid, then it quickly thickens, and after some time again liquefies. If this liquefaction process is delayed, the man poorly functioning prostate gland. Also sperm tested for acidity, which should be not less than 7.2. An important indicator is the volume of semen, he shall not be less than 2 ml. Normal color of semen should be whitish-gray. Transparency indicates low sperm count. Pinkish or yellowish in color may be caused by the appearance of blood in semen. This condition is called "hemospermia".

With low activity of sperm diagnosed as "asthenozoospermia". If there are a large number of spermatozoa with defects of the head, neck or tail, the diagnosis is "teratozoospermia". Ejaculate without obvious abnormalities called "normothermia". With this result of analysis, a man can be sure that he can become a father.