Like all reptiles, snakes are dioecious animals. They reproduce by laying eggs covered with leathery shell, but there are viviparous and asciiword. The snakes have internal fertilization occurs inside the body of a female.
Snake sex organs, the testes in males and ovaries in females, lie in the body cavity, in the tail section on each side of the spine and opens the channels into the cloaca. Mating season starts in the spring, when the reptiles Wake up.
The male aggressively pursues the female, grabs her teeth for the neck or the back, wrapping around her body and mates her. By the end of the mating season, the female body can be covered with numerous scratches and bites.
The process of mating snakes, as a rule, group. The female selects the call of the secret, the smell of which are running all the males from the inner circle, and around the female form tangles with a large number of individuals. However, the one who manages to impregnate a snake, typically "seals" the tube to the special composition of the cloaca of the female, so that no one else will not be able to impregnate her this season.
Eggs laid by the female contain a large amount of yolk and is protected from external damage leathery shell. Many species of snakes eggs remain in the enlarged portion of the oviduct until hatching from their calves. Such snakes are called asciiportal include Boas and some members of the vipers.
Garter snakes, most snakes and the sea snake is viviparous: they are also in the embryonic stage eat egg yolk, but the breathing of the fruit they have is through the connection with the metabolism of the maternal organism. The network of blood vessels of the oviduct entangles the egg and inside the shell is leaking oxygen from the mother's blood.