Normalize the amount of calcium in your body with certain foods. Every day drink at least a glass of milk and does not give preference to pasteurized and fresh cow. If you have an intolerance to milk or just because of their age it is poorly absorbed by the body, enter in your daily diet cheese, low-fat cottage cheese and yogurt.
Eat lots of vegetables which have green leaves: parsley, celery, asparagus, cabbage, any (better color), radish and lettuce. Greens rich in calcium and, moreover, influences the absorption of other products.
Calcium also contains a large number of legumes, egg yolks, nuts, seafood. Eat beef and fish liver, sesame and butter, bran, nuts and honey. A lot of this crucial mineral, and most fruits.
Combine calcium with vitamin D. Then the first will be better absorbed. In foods vitamin D is not contained; it is produced by the action of sunlight. So often walk in the fresh air.
Take calcium in the form of vitamins or medicines. But keep in mind that I have to take it after and not before the meal - so it is absorbed better. Drink course and take a break, as recommended in the instructions. If you can't decide which tablet to buy, ask for help to the doctor. He will tell you the best option and you will be sure that you are doing everything right.
Drinking coffee, cocoa, alcoholic and carbonated drinks, spinach, bran whole grains reduce the absorption of calcium. A frequent stressful situation, high levels of blood cholesterol, a sedentary lifestyle is the biggest enemy of your health. Adjust your usual diet and get rid of bad habits. This will help to bring the calcium back to normal.