The first signs of calcium deficiency referred the frequent occurrence of anxiety, tension, irritability and fatigue. Calcium deficiency also affects the appearance – the skin ceases to be elastic, dries and becomes dull, while nails and hair become brittle, and the teeth begin to deteriorate at a disastrous speed. In children lack of calcium often leads to the development of scoliosis and flat feet.
In addition, when this problem arises a feeling of constant flowing of muscles also often develop cramps and bouts of muscle cramps in the legs, which are often disturbed in the night. The lack of this element in the body is manifested by involuntary tremors of the extremities, as well as the development of spastic colitis and constipation. The main part of the calcium enters the human body with food, after which it is absorbed in the intestinal tract, and its exchange occurs in the tissue of the bones. The optimum level of calcium in the blood must be from 2.15 - 2.5 mmol/L.
Traditionally, the lack of calcium in the body is determined by laboratory and instrumental studies, representing the blood or measurement of bone density (densitometry). However, for starters, you can do without specialized diagnostic, defining the probability of its occurrence in the risk group on a number of specific factors. Thus, the person experiences a calcium deficiency if he didn't eat daily at least three servings of dairy products (yogurt, cheese, milk, cheese).
Affects the availability of calcium and Smoking and constant stresses. However, to make up for the lack, do not have to start fanatically to eat dairy products (although their frequent consumption is the solution to the problem). Enough to buy a quality product containing in its composition calcium and vitamin D, and also to take vitamin complexes, which include the necessary human minerals – copper, magnesium, manganese, boron and zinc. They will accelerate the absorption of the calcium and allow it to be absorbed in the body to the maximum. In addition, make sure to give your body the physical activity, without which bones will not strengthen even with daily use of dairy products.