As a cut finger is reflected on the condition of the skin?

A cut finger, leading to disruption of the integrity of the skin can happen from rough handling of a sharp object. Cut only affects the dermis and subcutaneous fat layer and does not need special treatment. The slit is considered a cut wound because he violated the integrity of nerves, vessels, tendons, ligaments and muscles. Such a wound can be hazardous to the health of the injured person, and therefore requires treatment to the doctor.

Classification cuts on the fingers is determined by the object that caused the cut. For example, after careless handling by a blunt object it leaves a wound with ragged edges and surrounding skin swells and hurts. The mishandling of dangerous sharp object sliced a deep wound, but with proper first aid it heals quickly and on the surface of the skin, and inside her.

How to provide first aid for a cut finger?

First aid starts with washing the wound and stop the bleeding. To substitute cut finger, bleeding, under a stream of cold water should not be. It must be carefully washed with soap solution and treated with hydrogen peroxide, if at the right moment at hand was not an antiseptic. Before apply the wound dressing, it is necessary carefully to inspect for cleanliness. After that, the incision can be closed with a sterile bandage.
To treat cut finger can be ointments chamomile or calendula – they reduce inflammation and accelerate regeneration of damaged tissues.

If the bleeding does not stop, place the cut should press the top of bandage and wait 15 minutes. Slow blood flow can and a simple show of hands. If the blood is still seeping through the bandage on top of it, you should apply another layer of bandage. Remove the first bandage is not recommended, since under it to place cut was able to form a crust (if damage bleeding can be renewed with a new force).

Once you are able to stop the bleeding, the finger should be bandaged tightly. However, it is too win not worth it, otherwise to the damaged finger will not reach the blood. To determine tohost headbands are available, giving healthy finger bandaged (top dressing). If the skin of the affected limb at first white, and then acquire a healthy pink shade, then the bandage is applied correctly.
To protect the wound from germs will help the ointment Lifuzol, which creates on its surface a thin film. Removed it with alcohol.

In any cases with a cut finger should go to the doctor?

The long-term slip deep wounds, which stands exudate should be examined by a doctor. Rush to the clinic costs and in the case where a red blood ejected from the aftershocks of the wound. Such a phenomenon may be a sign of damage to the blood vessel. Redness and swelling of the tissues surrounding the incision more than 2 cm and increased body temperature are also the reason for going to the doctor.