You will need
  • - harness;
  • - bandages or gauze;
  • - antibiotics and anti-tetanus remedy.
First aid should only be done when bleeding is severe (blood loss greater than 250 ml, the blood does not stop for longer than five minutes and spurts from the wound). Bleeding from scratches and small cuts it is better not to stop, it helps to cleanse the wound and quickly terminated itself.
After stopping mild capillary bleeding of the skin around the wound dry with a clean cotton swab or gauze. Not sabantuya cut open a scratch heal faster. Can pull the edges of the wound with adhesive plaster, so they are not dispersed. Sometimes on a fairly deep cut longer than one inch should be stitches, so there was no scar.
It is dangerous to puncture wounds because bleeding from them is too weak to deduce the possible infection from the tissues. Tingling, numbness and weakness can be symptoms of damage to tendons or nerves. Any deep wound to enter the victim a tetanus remedy and antibiotic.
Can often open bleeding from the nose. Then you need to sit down and slightly lean forward. Fingers pinch both nostrils for 10 minutes to form a blood clot and closed the damaged vessel. After improving for several hours do not blow your nose, otherwise you can again cause bleeding. If you are not getting better no longer than 20 minutes or there is a suspicion that the nose is broken, consult your doctor.
The most dangerous is arterial bleeding (severe throbbing bright red jet). It may not stop by itself. If the damage is small vessel apply a compression bandage, try to keep the wound edges together. When the bandage is soaked in the bloodof Yu, put on top of her new bandages.
To stop the bleeding from a large vessel, apply a tourniquet. For this purpose, you can use any improvised means: a rope, a strap, durable fabric. Tight bandage should be applied above the wound, place overlay wrapped with cloth or straighten clothes. The wiring delay is not too much, but so that the bleeding stopped. In order to pull the fabric, use a stick or a branch, twisting and jamming of improvised means.
In cold weather keep harness not more than an hour, in a warm – half to two hours, so from time to time pinch a finger damaged blood vessels and remove the harness for 10-15 minutes to avoid necrosis of the tissues. Each time write a note with the exact time overlay tight bandages.
Venous bleeding is not fast and dangerous (continuously, but slowly ensues cherry-red blood). Enough to stop it pressure bandage. In all cases, it is desirable to attach to the damaged bag with ice. From the wound remove any visible foreign body. Items located deep in the tissues themselves do not remove or press down on them. If you experience any kind of bleeding (except for the scratch) is better as soon as possible contact a doctor or call an ambulance.