If someone close or you have the (most) accidentally broke your favorite things, or cutting a new piece of clothing you accidentally cut the fabric in the wrong place, don't despair. These effects can be easily eliminated with the help of threads and needles.
If you cut out the clothing and accidentally cut the fabric, carefully consider the area to be stitched. Stitching is carried out only manually cut so the seam will be less noticeable.
If the fabric is thick enough (e.g., cotton, denim, "waterproof fabric", etc.), prepare for stitching the appropriate thread (preferably cotton). If the tissue thickness is small (silk, chiffon, etc.), then the thread must be very thin.
The color of the thread should be as close to the color of fabric. For example, if you accidentally cut the fabric a bright red color, and the thread should be bright red, not wine-colored or reddish-pink. Put the painting (the product) on the surface of the table. Include a table lamp: you will be able to make the seam the least visibility.
Insert the thread into the needle and start to stitch the cut in the direction from the center of the cut (for example, if the hole located in the top right "back", then start to sew it to the left to the right, towards the main seams of the future product). Make the stitches as small as possible, but at the same time so that they are firmly sewed the two halves of the cut. Each subsequent stitch make at a very small distance from the previous one.
Cut on thin tissue shivaite the sequence of actions described above. The main principle when stitching cuts on clothing is to minimize the stitches.
If you accidentally cut the fabric, any products (things denim, pants, blouses, etc.), use the same algorithm steps. Attentively choosing the color and thickness of the thread.