You will need
  • - bandages, cotton wool;
  • - the wiring.
To stop arterial bleeding using a pressure bandage, finger pressing of the artery away from the wound, tourniquet or if the lesion on the extremity, maximum flexion, followed by a tight fixing. Each of these methods has its own characteristics that should be considered.
The finger pressure artery apply temporarily, until the tourniquet or pressure bandage. Push the damaged vessel above the wound on extremities, and lower on the head and neck.
Before the imposition of a pressure bandage, treat the skin at a distance of 3-4 cm from the wound with an antiseptic solution, and in the field - vodka or plain water. If no sterile bandage, apply a clean cloth, on top of cotton wool and fix it with bandage.
Use a tourniquet if severe bleeding from the wounds of the limbs, although with proper application it can be applied when bleeding from the carotid artery, i.e. on the neck. Above the wound cover the skin with fabric or clothing. For the outflow of venous blood lift the limb up to 20-30 cm above the body and then use a tourniquet. To avoid passing nerve endings, tighten it moderately. Each subsequent round must capture the previous. Under the latest round include a note specifying the exact hour and minute of its imposition. As harness can use sleeve dress, belt, rope and other handy tools that are easy to wrap around the limb.
Indication that the tourniquet is to stop bleeding, disappearance of the pulse in the limb, pale skin and sunken veins. Harness keep mind, not cover it with clothes and not sabantuya. The time overlap is in the summer – 2 hours in winter and 1-1. 5 hours. If the transportation of the injured to the hospital will take longer, press the artery above the wound and remove the tourniquet and after 5 minutes, apply it again, only this time a little higher.
When bleeding from the carotid artery (side of neck), on the opposite side put your hand on your head and wrap a tourniquet around it and above the damaged artery. This will help to avoid suffocation and stop heavy bleeding.
If the limb is badly damaged at the site of the alleged tourniquet, use the method of maximum flexion. Apply to the wound compression bandage with your strong arm at the elbow or the leg at the knee and then secure the bandage.