Rinse the cut under running cold water. It will help to clear damaged tissue and reduce the risk of wound infection if you cutwere with a dirty knife or injury occurred in nature.
Attach a cut piece of cotton wool soaked in a solution of hydrogen peroxide. This is necessary in order to disinfect the wound and stop the bleeding. If the cut is shallow, you only need to treat the edges with an alcoholic solution of iodine, but the treatment should be carried so that it does not enter inside the wound. Can be applied to the cut bactericidal plaster.
Raise the injured limb up, if the cut is deep and bleeding doesn't stop. In this case, treatment with iodine is not enough. It is necessary to impose on the wound with sterile gauze and press them with your finger. Pressure on the cut would have a hemostatic effect. Bandage the wound, removing gauze. This measure will prevent the resumption of bleeding.
Contact your doctor if the wound is deep and the bleeding long stopped. You might need processing of a cut in a medical office or suturing.
Make the dressing and observe the cut in the following days. If the pain persists for 2-3 days, it can be a sign of inflammation. Suppuration of the wound or a fever is cause for seeking medical attention. Most likely, in this case, you will have to clean up the cut a local antibiotic, and in severe cases antibiotics can be prescribed for internal use.
Do not attempt to clean up the cut, if within it there are shards of glass. Any foreign bodies stuck in the body, have to remove the specialist.