Stop the bleeding from the wound with a pressure bandage. Treat the wound with hydrogen peroxide solution (it is necessary for leaching out of hard to reach areas of the elements of the infection). Apply the solution with 1-2% of brilliant green on the wound. From top, apply dry a sterile bandage. Repeated treatment of wounds with green paint is not recommended less than 24 hours.
Do not apply several layers of antiseptic on the wound as an antiseptic solution is an alcohol, its excessive consumption may cause irritation or even skin burns. Brilliant green is available in 2 concentrations: 1% and 2% solution. For the treatment of abrasions in children should use 1% solution.
Handle green paint only wound, predisposed to purulent inflammation. For the treatment of simple wounds it is better to use iodine. For the treatment of wounds with sutures can be used as a brilliant green and iodine: the drug must be done by the doctor. Be careful when handling mucous membranes - this should happen under medical supervision in order to avoid burns.
Instead of green fodder is permissible to impose on the wound bactericidal plaster, which also includes the impregnation of a brilliant green, but with a lower degree of concentration.
Zelenka is ideal for the treatment of purulent lesions (furuncles, pyoderma) - unlike iodine, it is less dry skin.
Do not expose the alcohol solution of the antiseptic to the mucous membrane of the eye. If this happens, immediately flush eyes with large amounts of liquid. If you save your irritation for an hour or more ask your optometrist.