Do not attempt to pull out a splinter with your fingers pressing on the skin or Paskaleva her fingernails. At best you just broken off the tip, close to any surface. And then remove the splinter will be much harder.
First wash your hands and treat the area of skin in the place of removing splinters with a disinfectant solution. It can be alcohol, vodka, hydrogen peroxide, furatsilin. For removal it is best to use tweezers with flat tips. It also must be subjected to sterilization. Wipe it with the same solution or a few seconds, hold it over the fire. Can boil the tweezers for 5 minutes.
Try pressing on the skin, grab a pair of tweezers the tip of the splinter and carefully pull it out. Try to do it under the same angle at which it entered under the skin. Otherwise, you risk to break off the tip.
If the tip broke off or you are unable to get him, prepare for a longer operation. Place, which is a pain, put about 15 minutes in a basin of warm, soapy water. Throughout the day make this procedure several times. As a result of the tissue around the splinter will become much softer, and you can easily remove the ill-fated sliver.
You can try to remove the splinter using old proven methods. Take a piece of banana skins and the reverse side primenjuje to the affected place. Keep the bandage overnight. By morning the splinter will come very close to the surface of the skin and pry it with a tweezer is pretty easy.
If you are unable to get the stick in time and you started the boil, take some curd and apply to this place for a couple of hours. Curd reduces swelling, drains pus, and with it the pain.
After removal of splinters always rinse the wound under running water. Then wash with warm water and soap. And finally, treat the skin area with a disinfectant solution or ointment and a band-aid on a band-aid.
For several days stay, if the inflammation of the tissues around the wound. In case of redness, swelling, fever, visit the doctor. Apparently, despite all precautions, the wound became infected.