You will need
  • - "Panthenol", "Kamillosan", comfrey ointment, calendula ointment, tea tree oil, ointment "Decamethoxin";
  • - hydrogen peroxide, an aqueous solution of nitrofural, methylene blue, sodium hypochlorite, an oil solution of preparation of cough;
  • - nettle juice;
  • plantain, vaseline;
  • - tarragon, vaseline.
Common first aid measures upon receipt of abrasion are its washing, stop bleeding, the imposition of sterile bandages with the use of antiseptics. In case of contact abrasion of manure, land recommended the introduction of tetanus toxoid.
The main procedure is the thorough washing abrasion, as it is the key to preventing infection. Better wash thoroughly with soap and water with a cotton swab, and if the abrasion is heavily polluted with hydrogen peroxide.
Abrasion heal faster if left open. But, if it occupies a large area, a dressing may be applied after the appearance of the crust. And, if you wrap damp abrasion, the bandage dry on, and the damage becomes bleed again after it is removed.
To prevent infection apply an antiseptic drugs with anti-inflammatory and healing effect. Antiseptics are available in different dosage forms – aqueous or alcoholic solutions, ointments.
For quick healing of abrasions, it is recommended to apply the "Panthenol", "Kamillosan", comfrey ointment, calendula ointment, tea tree oil, ointment "Decamethoxin".
Festering abrasions should be washed with hydrogen peroxide, an aqueous solution of nitrofural. Also recommended in suppuration of the methylene blue solution, disinfection with sodium hypochlorite, lotions oil solution preparation of cough.
To treat small abrasions, you can use the recipes of traditional medicine. Helps to heal abrasions nettle juice, which can be poured or cast on the abrasion cloth soaked with juice.
Excellent wound-healing effect has plantain. Mince the leaves and mix with vaseline in the ratio 1:5. Apply the mixture to the bruise 3 times a day.
For healing bruises cook the cream on the basis of wormwood. Mince 100 grams of sage leaves and press the juice. Combine prepared juice with vaseline in the ratio 1:4. Lubricate abrasions 3 times a day. Fresh juice of wormwood has a strong bactericidal and wound-healing effect.