You will need
  • - sterile gauze;
  • - antiseptic solution;
  • - harness;
  • - a solution of iodine;
  • the wounds of "Levosin" or "nasal spray";
  • - ecoplastic;
  • - the bandage;
  • - saline solution.
If damaged vessels stop bleeding. To select the optimal method of hemostasis identify the source of bleeding: veins, arteries, or capillaries. If Vienna is injured, dripping blood has a dark color. When the wounded artery, the blood has scarlet color, sometimes you may notice a pulsation of blood flow. When damage to the capillaries on the surface of the wound is combined arterial-venous blood, bleeding, usually scant and decreases rapidly on their own. To stop capillary and small venous bleeding apply pressing bandage gauze impregnated with an antiseptic solution. It was applied to the wound and hold until complete hemostasis. Strong venous and arterial bleeding to stop with a tourniquet above the injury site. In the absence of the harness receptacle clamp fingers. Compression is valid for 1.5 hours in summer and 1 hours in winter. During this time, the victim should be taken to emergency room. If you need a longer hemostasis the pressure on the weakened vessel every 40 minutes to 3-4 minutes, and then a finger or a tourniquet is placed again.
After stopping the blood proceed to the processing of wounds. Brush the edges with a solution of iodine. The actual wound, wash with plenty of 3% solution of peroxide. Remove all foreign objects, splinters, scraps of clothing.
If the wound is small and not accompanied by damage to major blood vessels, nerves and organs, apply the ointment "Levosin" or "nasal spray", cover with a sterile gauze bandage and fix everything with a band-aid or bandage. Next, change the dressing 2 times a day until complete healing of the tissues.
If there is nerve damage, which subjectively is felt as a loss of sensation or injury has affected an organ that can be suspected in the shock state of victim, simply cover the wound with a sterile gauze bandage as quickly as possible and transport the victim to the nearest medical facility. Damage of the anterior abdominal wall and falling out of her intestinal loops in no case do not try to straighten them inside. Overlaid intestine wipes, moistened with saline, and then cover with sterile gauze.