How can you get rid of ear stuffiness

Swelling causing a feeling of stuffiness ear, can go into otitis media, and in the most severe cases, even lead to inflammation of the ear nerve, resulting in irreversible hearing loss. So if the ear and it hurts, it is necessary to take action.

Why there is this feeling? The auditory system includes external ear, middle ear, inner ear and the vestibular apparatus (organ of balance). The middle ear is connected to the mouth cavity via the so-called Eustachian tube, outer ear through the external auditory canal. In a number of diseases, the patency of the Eustachian tube due to cold and swelling of the mucosa of the nasopharynx is deteriorating, and the pressure in the middle ear changes. The person feels discomfort, congestion of the ear.

Therefore, in such situation it is necessary to clean the nasal passages and immediately after the use of vasoconstrictor drugs. If after a sick person blowing your nose, it will drop in each nostril 1-2 drops of Gasoline",".", "Naphazoline", "Throat", or similar means, there will be a clear improvement. This procedure is carried out several times a day, depending on health. You should not use these drugs too often, as they are addictive.

Good and proven tool – lavage of the nasopharynx. For this you can use special products based on sea water "Phrase", "Akvamaris", "Marimer". Or, prepare a solution of common salt (1 full teaspoon in a glass of warm boiled water). This procedure is quite unpleasant, but effective.

From nasal ear well help simple breathing exercises. You can, for example, firmly pinch the nostrils with your fingers and some times with force try to exhale through the nose. Some doctors recommend inflating balloons or blowing into the narrow tube.

What to doif ear hurts

There are many effective home remedies which can relieve the pain in the ear. For example, the instillation of warm oil (olive, sea buckthorn, almond). Well also helps instill the juice of onion or horseradish, 2-3 drops three times a day. Contrary to widespread prejudice, bury boric alcohol in the affected ear is not necessary! It can worsen the patient's condition.

Will also help with honey-soaked cotton swab that is attached to your ear at night. In any case it is better not to self-medicate, and seek assistance from a doctor.