Check the ear. Make sure that there are no waxy build-up. If available, try to gently pull it out and then start treatment.
Warm the ear. To do this, heat a little boric alcohol (3% solution), take a cotton turundas and soak in warm alcohol. Remember that this is not the case when the hotter, the better – the temperature of the alcohol should not exceed body temperature. Enter turundas deep in your ear.
Make a compress. Take cheesecloth, fold it in several layers in the form of a rectangle and cut in the middle, but one side does not boresite to the edge of about 3 cm, Heat the alcohol and water in it gauze. Gently pull on the ear on top and cover with plastic wrap (prepare it according to the type of gauze). On top of the ear, place a piece of cotton and wrap the compress so that it fits close to the head. Once the heat will cease to hold, remove it, but be sure to wear a bandage or a handkerchief on the ears to ear did not get cold air.
Bury drops. Get vasoconstrictor nasal drops and drip them in a nose. Follow the advice of traditional medicine. Preheat vegetable oil and drip into the ear. Clean the walnuts and using spadefoot toad squeeze the oil using a pipette, place 2 drops in each ear. Also drop ears juice from plantain leaves, or wild garlic.
Take a sedative and analgesic. Dilute 30 drops of tincture of peony with a teaspoon of water and drink. To reduce pain take one of these drugs: "Nimesil", "no-Spa", "Analgin", "Tempalgin" or other effective means.
Make ointment. Take the root of the herb elecampane, dry it on the fire and grind to a powder. Mix the resulting powder with sheep fat and cooked with ointment anoint the ear from the inside.
In a hot pan, heat salt, put it in the pouch and apply to the aching ear.