The main causes of ear shot

To provoke the shot in the ear may his outer cellulite. The main symptoms of this disease are swelling, red padded leather ear pain and the infamous backache. The cause of the ear cellulite there are grazes, cracks, erosion, and wounds of the ear that gets infected. Self-treatment if this disease is unacceptable because it is fraught with serious complications.

If you suspect disease of the ear in a small child, gently press the small triangular cartilage on his ear – if your ear hurts, the baby cries.

Also cause of backache in the ear may be the ear infection that develops when injected into the auditory passage of fluid, improper cleaning of ears, allergies, boils and mechanical injuries of the ear canal. The main symptoms of external or otitis media are backache, itching, redness, swelling, pain and pus emanating from the ear.

Appear ear shot also with the accumulation of mucus in the middle ear. It happens with colds or low immunity. As a result, the mucus or fluid out of inner ear via the Eustachian tube, then into the nasopharynx and comes out with a runny nose.

How to get rid of backache in the ear

If the ear began to shoot it from a cold, you can put in the ear canal with a cotton swab, which is impregnated with the heated vegetable oil. In addition, the ear can drip three drops of warm glycerin solution with added carbolic acid in the ratio of 10:1. Need to put on top of cotton wool tucked into the sore ear. Less effective are the heated drops of sage or peppermint, applied on cotton wool and laid in the ear canal.

Camphor oil can be instilled into the ears, but if you are going to go out – otherwise, you can chill a sick body even more.

If you warm up the ear blue lamp, at the same time eat diaphoretic. Perfectly suited for this purpose lime broth with a tablespoon of honey, which will accelerate the healing process. If backache is not caused by respiratory disease, certainly consult your doctor, who will prescribe an adequate therapy, appropriate antibiotics, and ear drops prescribed on an individual basis. Self-treatment or ignoring the problem in this case faces dangerous complications and possible irreversible hearing loss.